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what are they playing

Well first of all hello to everyone who is reading this
the other day I saw equestria girl rainbow rocks
and I was struck by how they played instruments
not only in the movie also in short when demonstrating their skills with instruments had notes that were inconsistent
all this because I was trying to learn the bass solo belonging to AJ

I finally learned the bass solo and I realized that the notes shown in the video do not match reality
AJ,do you remember when she was playing double notes in the video it shows that the touch between the frets 7 to 10 preo the true is from 11 to 17 :okiedokielokie:  what are they playing?   finally sorry for bad English

cold heart

cold heart


if applejack plays bass ¿why I would not do me too?

I asked the other day
after hearing applejack
and bass solo
I decided to make some videos of me playing music
all this because of that someone in my house
He puts a camera to record me playing bass
To be specific my practice of For Whom the Bell Tolls
so here it is       sorry for bad English

cold heart

cold heart

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