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Kendroh has a hard time leaving Charles in any form. So Charles felt like he had no other choice but to force Kendroth to make friends. Kendroth doesn't want to disappoint Charles so he will do it but making friends with ponies is a lot harder when he's stuck with his traditions. Slowly he'll make it but it'll be one heck of a struggle. 




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Glewed to the Hip (Charles's Perspective)

It has been two whole years since I've found Kendroth. I know he has been a pain but he has a good heart, better than expected given how I found him. You'd think if he is such a traditionalist, he would burn down villages and eat ponies off the bat but he is far from that dipiction. Made everyone realize those stories were either exaggerations, purely fiction or the exceptions to dragon culture. No one is truly sure. Kendroth is the only dragon we have seen and I am hoping I can talk to Thor or, if it comes to it, Loki, to see what they know. After all the good Kndroth has done for me these past two years, I have to send him away. Not as a punishment, despite what SOME of my students ignorantly believe, but as a way to teach him about friendship. You can only do oh so much when you're tied to the hip to a paralyzed stallion. I won't leave him blind sided, he will have access to my accounts to be able to buy food and such, I'll even keep contact with him via connected Grimoires and I do plan to visit him- no matter where- every now and again. I hope he understands and will some day appreciate it.



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