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l have been away for so long that l feel nervous and ashamed to set hoof back here again. l left all of you amazing pones without much/a trace and cannot undo what l have done.
If l had the ability to go back in time, then l would tell my stupid self to stay at the place that l have loved for so long, tell that silly in the past to not give up and to share the problems l had with the community, because... l left things weren't going great for me IRL and the only pillar of strength that l had at that time left the MLPF and me behind, breaking me in the process. *sigh*

l only hope that l can repair the bridges that l broke. Hopefully my humbleness, kindness and love will do the trick, but, l feel that things won't be the same as they were before. Once broken, some things can never be fully fixed, just... please give me the chance to rebuild, l beg y'all. A chance to rebuild, so that we can have those awesome moments again. *sigh* l miss you guys and l know that what l wrote here may sound weak, but it's coming right from the heart and couldn't be more true.

l am a fool and there's no excuse for it... l am sorry.

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a slow (re)start?

Let's see if l can get back into things again. Things like... finding my friends again, getting up to speed, asking around what the talk of the day is, etc. Do l even get to find my old place or do l need to start again? So many questions are shooting through my head right now... WHAT SHOULD l DO? ;(
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