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The Last of Us DLC: Left Behind. Spoiler Alert!

Little Miss Fluttershy



So I played the last of us DLC the other day and I stumbled upon this cutscene involving Ellie and Riley kissing in a romantic way. I thought it was pretty cute and many people have been discussing this particular scene out of the entire dlc. It sucks that the dlc was pretty short but I still enjoyed it fully including this scene. At first I was just repeating "What the f%^&, what the f%^&?" But after a while I just kept watching it over and over like a real weirdo but somehow every time I watched it, it just got cuter and cuter. I'm glad they decided to show that Ellie loved Riley and that Riley was alright with the kiss because she also loved Ellie. The best of friends can also become lovers if they care about each other enough. Anyway if you haven't played the dlc I suggest you do it's pretty damn good. Anyway just thought I write this on here since I made a really dumb mistake on Facebook involving losing two friends on there.

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I absolutely loved the game and the DLC. And I had the same reaction at first when I first saw that particular scene, but it really is kinda cute in a sort of way. And I just love how they're both just kids who are still able to have fun even in a screwed up, post-apocalyptic world. 

I honestly wish they made more single player DLCs instead of multiplayer :V

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