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Get to know Gone Airbourne a bit better because there are now a million of these...



So yeah I am going and hop in the bandwagon with this.

  • So my real name is Tommy
  • I am 20 years old and my birthday is on Oct 24 born in 1993
  • I am part Puerto Rican yet I do not look like it
  • Autumn is my favorite season
  • Pretty shy/quiet person but I am really easy going
  • I enjoy listening and talking with others
  • Favorite color is green/black/gray
  • I love Dr. Pepper
  • My fav. genres in music are: Blues, metal, classic/hard rock, grunge, alternative, nu metal, punk rock, ska punk, skate punk, power metal and usually many things in those genres.
  • I love anime
  • I love fishing
  • I skateboard
  • I do not like country music aside from Johnny Cash. Johnny Cash is amazing

I guess that does it there really is not much to me :P

  • Brohoof 4


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