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Another 3 months In the fandom

Dark Heart


So yeah, another 3 months have past making this month my 6th one being officially a brony, something i never thought i would call myself when i first i heard about it.


As i said before, i begun watching MLP out of accident yet kinda in a mysterious way it has help me a lot on myself, a lot as change in my life, unfortunately due to health issues im unable to work, i was diagnose whit bi-polar on top of that, and my mom's been seek for dunno how long now it seems that everything its on my shoulders and its just became to heavy for me to bear, for days i have isolated myself from the forums i used to visit and in the case of MLP forums i had to turn off notifications on everything, cause i just wanted to enjoy solitude and quite on my head just once.


But it comes whit depression and bi-polar but lately i feel better and i started to enjoy again stuff that make me join a forum such as this, and ill tho i understand im not a gold coin to whom everyone should like, i think i have stated several times of what i am and what i believe and yet it seems that even tho we have many differences between us there is still a level of respect for everyone something i haven't seen in any other forum.


Even when the debates are really serious like talking about homosexuality or religion, there are strong debates yet it never goes beyond to the point of no returned, then again i tend to just make a point and not to lower myself to pity insults but still in any other forum things would have escalated to the point of being Ban if not worse.


As for personal goals i set myself while here, doing wallpapers which has now became Popular whit its little star in the corner which make me really happy, never tought my wallpaper would be like by many people yet here we are, before that even happen tho, i had my sigis post and even video layouts post made cause i wanted to contribute to the community in any way since it has help me alot in overcoming some of my own personal stuff, whit the few friends i have make me laugh, sometimes help me whit a kind comment and what not, heck i finally decide to join a couple of fan clubs which i really enjoy i even wrote a poem and i never ever even read one little thought i would write one down xD


As for the show, while many will argue that the season 1 is the best season so far, i think its because it was different and many things we see now we already expected to begin whit basing ourselves from season 1, yet to me season 4 its been my favorite so far, i believe its been the season dedicated to the fans most of all, since whit out us, the show wouldn't have had its 4th season to begin with.


My favorite episodes, have been Bats, Power Ponies, Pinkie apple pie, pinkie pride, castlemania, and for the most part all other episodes have been fun, and thats the main goal i see from the show its the season of having fun with the fans from the creators of the show, its like here you go guys this season is for you, enjoy this is how a feel, henceforth to me this has been the best time i had on a long time, even with all the stuff thats happen to me i can truly say even now i have a smile thx to you guys and this show call: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.


PS. Sorry if my grammar isnt perfect but english is kinda of my second language so beforehand i ask you understand that xD

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I hardly know you but I can tell that you are a good person. Reading this filled me with positive heat (and that's happens very rare, you can tell by my name).

Hope you will contiue to enjoy your stay.

Keep up your artwork.

Be happy with yourself and others.

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