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Animal crossing



I wake up after a real long time playing this game. I get a ton of mail just some from mom residents and the h.r.a. I go to tom nooks sell him all the fish in my pocket from last time I played this game. Then I go to the museum for coffee nothing new said from brewster. I head down to the able sisters and talk to sable nothing new from her either. I go fishing for a real long time and get about 2 pockets full of fish and sell it all. I have an ok amount of bells now. I buy some new cloths at the able sisters. I donate half of my money into my bank account. I check the environment and it still says the same thing I am confused on what to do XD. I head to the gate and check for lost items and I get 6 pitfall seeds. I take none of them and then I talk to the dog and then I leave. I dig up two fossils while heading to my best friends house. She is feeling sick I get her medicine and then she feels better. She gives me an item! It is a kiddie couch I place it in my house and then I get in bed and save my game.




Sorry guys I have not played this game in a really long time for some reason. I will try to keep up with it now :D.


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