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Being Lonely vs Being Left

Tech Reel


What is the difference between being lonely and being left? The way I see it, one is massively depressing...the other is a living hell.


Being lonely is not having friends and having difficulty gaining them. It's having next to no one to talk to. Being left is an entirely different field. When people leave you, you're left with the thoughts of why they would want to leave you, as well as what you could've done to change their mind or even if you could have at all.


Before I continue, when I say "being left" I'm not referring to people who have lost one or two friends in their life. I'm talking about people who are repeatedly left by so many loved ones. People who have had most or all of their friends leave them...like me.


When you're left by people, it hurts much more than just feeling lonely. You know the saying "It's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all"? I strongly disagree. I downright despise that saying. I've loved and lost, I've lost so many people throughout my life, and it only keeps getting worse. The more I lose the less I trust. Sure, I've met some great people, but I've continuously had to watch them leave my life. Every single day I can't help but remember my past friends, my past companions, everyone I've lost. Honestly, if I had the option I think I'd choose to forget everyone of them. Maybe then I wouldn't face everyday with depression about my past.


Loneliness is merciful, being left is a curse...

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