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From: Forum RPG! (Fight the person above you)

Alphys Hedge


Check out my new forum game, Forum RPG! (link below)

Welcome to Forum RPG! You get to choose from the attacks listed. Please read the rules below:


General Rules:

-Each player starts with 100 SP, and it can only be refilled after 5 posts.

-Each player starts with 67 MP, and it can only be refilled after 3 posts.

-Each player starts with 150 HP, and it can only be refilled by using a healing potion (located in Special Attacks)


What to post:

For Magic attacks:

"[your username] casts '[spell]' on [username above you]"

For Normal attacks:

"[your username] uses '[attack]' against [username above you]"

For Special attacks (only available to rank "Cupcake" or higher; certain attacks require different amounts of SP)

"[your username] uses special attack '[special attack]' against [username above you]"

For Healing (see Special Attacks below):



Critical Hits:

Critical Hits are completely random, as there is only a 10% chance that you will get a critical hit.

Please note that special attacks have no critical hits.



Magic Attacks:

Poison = Deals the user 3 attack damage each post for 3 posts.

Fire = Deals 11 attack damage. (Critical hit = 14 damage)

Water = Deals 8 attack damage. (Critical hit = 18 damage)

Normal Attacks:

Punch = Deals 5 attack damage (Critical hit = 8 damage)

Kick = Deals 8 attack damage (Critical hit = 10 damage)

Special Attacks:

Punch/Kick Combo = Deals 20 damage (uses 15 SP)

Overdrive = Deals 46 damage (uses 50 SP)

Gigabreak = Deals 98 damage (uses all SP)

Healing Potion = Gives back 20 health (uses 30 SP)


Fight away!


Source: Forum RPG! (Fight the person above you)


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