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My feeling on MLP being on hiatus & season 5 so far.

Derpy Man


I thought it was rumor or a joke, but it happen. I was not happy about it but what can you do. Last year, when season 4 ended it then it took one week break then two weeks break after all that break. Thought they got enough time when season 4 ended. But look like it return next month, there rumor it be December.


As for season 5, it been good there good episodes and bad. Slice of Life and Amending Fence are my favorite. Reason for AMending fence, it good to see Twilight’s old friends. And Slice of Life, it was 100th episode, wanted to see a episode with background ponies, got what I wish for. Not fun with Princess Skipe (don’t dislke him) and Appleloosa Most Wanted. And sence in Tank for the memories, annoyed me, it where Rarity cry cos Flutershy cry then Pinkie think Twilight not sad and say Applejack cry on the inside. Riddcules.


Looking forward for it coming back and next Equestria Girls movie. I do have other interests and hobbies and life. I guess ponies are in me always and never stop thinking about it.


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