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Rainbow Dash

Will Guide


Twilight Sparkle

Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 (S4)
Out of all the episodes so far up through Season 5, this episode has to be my most relatable episode; taking the pony I relate to the most (Twilight). I think the best part was how this episode showed that even though Twilight's now an Alicorn, she still has room for improvement. People complaining about her being too perfect (shakes head with a wry smile). All throughout this episode, Twilight was trying to help Rainbow Dash. If Twilight really was too perfect, the solution would have presented itself on the first try. And also, it was only when Rainbow brought up her Sherlock Scan ability did Twilight have the missing piece of the puzzle of coming up with a study method that works for Rainbow. Finally, there's the fact that it's Twilight who wrote the lesson in the Friendship Journal. "Rainbow Dash finally learned the history of the Wonderbolts, but she's not the only pony who needed a lesson. One way of learning isn't better than another. After all, everypony is unique and individual." This is one of my most favorite episodes for the simple fact of showing Twilight not being as perfect as some say she's become since becoming an Alicorn Princess.
Other Nominees: Read It and Weep (S2), Games Pony Play (S3), Daring Don’t (S4), Rainbow Falls (S4),

Pinkie Pie

Griffon The Brush Off (S1)/ The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone (S5)
So hard to pick one or the other….Both episodes involve Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash dealing with Gilda the Griffon. In Season 1’s Griffon The Brush Off, Pinkie tries to improve Gilda’s attitude with a party, and Rainbow ultimately shows her loyalty to her pony friends when Gilda reveals her nasty attitude. In Season 5’s The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Pinkie and Rainbow have their Cutie Map episode that sent them to the Kingdom of Griffonstone, where their friendship problem gets solved by helping Gilda realize that her kingdom does not need a golden statue to be a proud species. Hmm…for this slot, I’m picking the earlier episode because Pinkie and Rainbow share more screentime together.
Other Nominees: Wonderbolts Academy (S3),



Sonic Rainboom (S1)/ Rarity Investigates (S5)
For a long time, Sonic Rainboom was the episode that first comes to my mind when I think of an episode focusing on Rarity and Rainbow Dash. In SR, Rainbow may have been the main character to compete in the Young Flyers competition. But remember: it was Rarity who knew Rainbow was feeling really nervous, so Rare got Twilight to find a spell to allow non-Pegasi ponies to go up to Cloudsdale. Short version: Rare becomes uncharacteristically egotistical with new Butterfly wings and ends up joining the completion too, which just makes Rainbow more nervous. In the end, Rarity nearly dies, but it leads to Rainbow performing the 2nd Sonic Rainboom of her life and saving Rarity’s life. Rarity learns the lesson about “keeping her hooves on the ground and being there for her friends.” But now, with Rairty Investigates, Rarity returns the favor to Rainbow by proving her innocence and saving Rainbow’s reputation with the Wonderbolts. The latter episode clearly is the better one by having Rarity completely on Rainbow’s side as opposed to making the situation worse for the Pegasus.
Other Nominees: None others.



Fall Weather Friends (S1)
This was easy to pick for a simple reason: The two Brawns of the Mane 6 competing to see who’s the better athlete, only to have their competitiveness causing them to finish in last place. Not much else to say.
Other Nominees: Over a Barrel (S1), Castle-Mania (S4),



Hurricane Fluttershy (S2)
While this episode is more about Fluttershy getting the confidence to fly in an important tornado, Rainbow Dash also has a subplot of desiring to break a world record. The best scene was definitely when Rainbow first comes over to Fluttershy’s place. After Shy reminds Dash how she used to be teased, Dash at first angrily tries to tell Shy to suck it up, but stops herself and calmly tells Shy that she needs every Pegasus she can get. At one point, despite being told that they could break the record, Dash was still worried about Shy. Yeah, this is THE episode for the two Pegasi in the Mane 6.
Other Nominees: Dragonshy (S2), Trade Ya (S4), Tanks for the Memories (S5)

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