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Remembering Gibson: 2010-2016



Talking Kitty fans are mourning the loss of Gibson Cash who succumbed to a bladder infection on April 3. :( He was one of the main characters in the popular Youtube series along with Sylvester and Shelby. I've watched these videos almost from the beginning and I remember when Gibson was a tiny kitten. It was fun watching him grow up and change over the years. A few months ago, Steve adopted a stray female kitten he named Random. Cats mature fairly quickly though and since Gibson was never fixed, well, I'll let you do the math. :wacko:



It's amazing that Gibson, who was portrayed as a lovable but dimwitted cat, was able to reproduce and leave offspring. That alone would have been the biggest plot twist in Talking Kitty to date. But Gibson's sudden passing managed to overshadow even that. Still, he now has a living legacy in addition to his dozens of Youtube appearances.



I honestly teared up while watching that memorial. Ironically, there were at least two times Steve alluded to an early death for Gibson in the series but of course it was just part of the story line.




When I first saw Fly Away I remember thinking that it would be the perfect song to commemorate Gibson when his time finally came. I had no clue it would be so soon but it was indeed a great tribute for him. Now he's in kitty heaven with other departed Youtube felines like N2 and Flippycat.


Rest in peace, little guy. :3

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Rest in Peace little kitty! I always hate seeing when cats die.. my first cat passed away this month last year, and I'll always miss him. <3

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