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AIR TV [Review]

#1 Flutterfan



Air Anime (Playlist)




Have you ever felt like... you don't belong? Have you ever felt like you couldn't do anything

yourself? Have you... ever? Magic exists and so does destiny but is our life predetermined?


These questions are asked and answered in
, the show itself is full of wonder--and

happiness, sadness and hope. Have you ever not felt like you belonged, or have you ever felt like there was something that controlled how you acted? Life is what you make it. Our past does not determine who we are--it is only what we do in the now.




If you have ever wanted a friend, if you have ever needed to be with someone and didn't know how to control yourself... you need to watch this anime. You must stay strong through all your hardships until you reach your goal--don't give up on anything, not your goal--not your life, not your happiness.






The main character of this anime is Misuzu , a young child who has dreams of a girl in the sky. Misuzu has a hard time making friends, as we all seem to at some point--she lives with her Aunt and learns to grow up essentially on her own with no familial affection. The day of summer vacation for her--she meets a traveler called Yukito--he is a tall slender silver-haired man with no money. Little does Misuzu know that he will be the key to her happiness--that we all strive to have someone we love--and that we all strive to have that one person who can make us strive to be everything we can to find and achieve our goals.



Length 12/13 +1 OVA (episode 13 is Recap)

Music 10/10

Plot 10/10

Character Development 10/10

English Dub 7/10

Japanese Dub 9/10





Editor's Opinion

The English dub is good insofar as it follows the Japanese Translations/Manga very well--but the voices for three or four characters do not seem to fit the personality style of the character. It is a personal bias on my behalf--I have seen both the Japanese and English versions--the English isn't awful, not by a long mile--but in comparison to the Japanese dub/translation, it could be better. Everything is great otherwise.

Edited by #1 Flutterfan


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