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An Apology to Bangcolt Arena and its people



Recently, events that I won't mention have not only gotten me banned from Bangcolt Arena, but given a warning for my actions in a blog I had deleted. This blog will be for my sincere apologizes for those people I have hurt mentally, meaning @Tacoma, , and others.


I have been so childish with my actions that nothing I can do will bring me back, but I will be willing to do whatever necessary to be brought back anyway. I love RPing with people, and I want to have a little fun, but I know my actions have caused people to not want to RP with me. I will try with all my power to remedy this, because I want to have fun like you guys.


I have been acting childish throughout my life, thinking the whole world centered around me. I can't help myself when I'm like this, and it certainly showed in Bangcolt Arena. If you in Bangcolt would like to talk more about what I can do to be brought back, just send me a PM and we'll talk.


But for now, I am truly sorry for those of you affected by this, and I will let you know that I will support Bangcolt, no matter where it goes. Thank you for reading this, and fight on, my fellow bronies.


(My emotional state is running high, I'm near tears just typing through all of this.)


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