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Fresh Start of Needing an OC



All ponies and people here, I need help of having an OC of my own. Before some may asked, I'm still Sunrise Surprise, that name fits me so well and it seems to match my personality even if I'm not going everyponies fan-favorite white pegasus Pinkie looking clone. With that out of the way I had a screenshot taken when I used to play LoE with what I thought could be my OC.




I think I may have the right colors to match but it has to be a Male and the hair and mane style needs to be different. The cutie mark could use a new Sun symbol. I don't know. I have some ideas but I guess I need some sort of a help here. I'm not a skillful artist but any help along with you ponies would be most appreciated. I just can't figure our the hair and tail on what I want and what kind of a custom Sun cutie mark I need.


I think with one I could maybe explore into Roleplay which I never liked in the past, but I may be interested to start fresh to try roleplays here (I had bad past experience with roleplays that puts me off them)


That is all for my Blog and remember to have a very surprising day

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Hoi hoi hoi! I'm an artist! ( i think so... At least, I drew my avatar pic xD) I might have something for you. I found this symbol on the internet. Perhaps you would find a use to it as it stroke to me as a good cutie mark. But I maybe can help with something else too if you want. Just ask ^_^ 



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That's a nice kind of a Sun but the sunray thingies could have a cooler symbol look which I'm brainstorming hard about. I also need the hair and tail ideas. I haven't seen much ponies of their hair/tail design but I might think I want Dash's tail. I may need the hair part.


I think I need to sleep since I can't think a lot when I'm sleepy

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