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The End of FiM As We Know It - In the Closet

Corpulent Brony


I continue my new In the Closet video series with

on the Season 6 finale of MLP. So what did I really think?


This finale shat all over the ponies I've grown to love over the last six years, and was a truly fitting end to the travesty that was season 6 of My Little Pony: Friendship Was Magic.


OK, maybe it wasn't that bad, but I wasn't a huge fan, tbh. Though on its own it was arguably a good episode, I just can't help but see it as a sign that the mane six are on the decline. It's more than just "muh waifu twiley"; none of the ponies had any instrumental part to play in this episode. It's really the first ep since numero 100 to feature background characters. SO WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN???






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"The Starlight Glimmer show"...Look, nothing against you, but this statement is...kind of silly. Outside of the Premiere and the finale, she wasn't even present that much. "No second Prances" was about her, sure. "Hearth's Warming Tail" was...kind of. Then she kind of dropped off the face of the planet until "Every little thing she does", with only a few small appearances and her minor role in "The times are a changeling" in between.


 For the "Starlight show" she sure didn't seem to appear all too often. As for the Mane six being out of the count for the finale...I liked it. The focus on the reformed villains was a nice change of pace, somepony else get's to be the hero this time, that's great! It was very refreshing compared to what we usually get.


 I feel like people are jumping the gun a bit too, just because the mane six weren't the heroes this one time doesn't mean they're never going to be again. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if this was a one-time deal, and from now on Starlight only get's to be a supporting role in two-parters. Wasn't there even an interview on EQD where it was stated the Mane Six would be the focus next season?


 As for the criticism of season six...Well, guess I'm insane, because I thought this season was overall pretty great, one of the better ones the show has had honestly. It didn't feel lacking in passion at all. Most episodes felt anywhere from good to great, and it easily has some of my new favorites like: Gauntlet of Fire, No second prances, A Hearth's Warming Tail, The Saddle Row Review, Dungeons and Discord's, and yes, the finale, just to name some of them. There were some low points like Applejack's day off and 28 pranks later, but I didn't even find those that bad.


 The video was presented well though, so good job. I just can't disagree more with it.

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