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Entry 2: A tale of Lost, Found, and...Mega Dash?

Hello everypony-Raccoon here again with another entry. I see people enjoyed reading my last entry. ")


Yesterday (as you know) was pretty good, I enjoyed looking at how high school was going to work.


Today however was a disaster. It was just awful. I think we should start off with knowing a little more what I did yesterday.


Yesterday, I got some clothes, a gym bag, and a pair of running shoes. However, these were an expensive pair of running shoes, about $100. (For you non-American folk, I'm not sure about your currency, but this is a lot of money). I also got a lock for my gym locker.


The next day, I went to school and my mom told me to put the lock on the gym locker at that time. I went to the area where the gym was, but it didn't look like I was allowed to go in (probably was though).


Now we will pause on what’s going to happen to the shoes (which I'm pretty sure you do know at this point), to bring you something that happen at my video game class.


We were finished learning about the class rules for the day and then the teacher decided to show us a game someone did last year.


He brings up a game that takes us to a tittle screen called Mega Dash. The title screen was interesting. It had Mega Dash and rainbow letters, and it also had...a pony on above the words. Then the teacher said what I was expecting but couldn't believe:


"This is a game that was made by a student last year. It’s a mix of an old game and a new show. The game is Megaman, and the show is My Little Pony." He said that with a straight face. No one was laughing, and no one was making any cracks about the fact it was My Little Pony. No one even was mad or was like, "You got to be kidding me."


Then he started the game and there was Rainbow Dash.


It played kinda like Megaman except you jumped through most of it and there were no enemies except the boss. What was the boss?


Princess Luna. And yes, it was Princess Luna and not Nightmare moon. Someone in the class even said, "Hey, it’s Princess Luna!" The teacher didn't beat the boss though. Poor Rainbow Dash.


Anyway, back to the shoe story, I basically lost the shoes and was going nuts until I got to where my mom was. I told her that I lost my bag, and then things got personal.


I did find my bag though.


It was a pretty hectic day. I'm going to play TF2 now. :D


I also love comments! :)


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