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Ron Jeremy


so lik um uh its da CRISTMAS n stuf lik dat so i figurd u wantd a CRISMANS SPECAL so here u go n stuf lik taht u no


so lik um uh dere wus a guy named PONE E. SLAYR n stuf n he wantd a iphone 54 n he wus askin his dady 4 da ifone n his dady went 2 da store n got him a difrent brand of celpone n PONESLAYR got mad bcuz it wusnt wut he wantd so he complaned 2 his dady bcus he wus abusin him n stuf 4 not givin him da fone he wantd n stuf n told his dady dat da rele spirit of cristsam is corprat grede n stuf n his dady fliped out n shit lik dat so PONESLAYR went on da fecebook in threten ti SLIt HIS RIST so his dady wud buy him da rele ipone but his dadey refused n PONESLAYR slited his wirst n dis al hapened monts ago n shit so dats y u havent sene any comix from him n stuf lik dat

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