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Introduction and First-Time Results

Valiant 2.0


Hello, world. My name is Valiant Venture, but you can call me Valiant.


I've been a Brony for about 4 years now, and I've come to love a lot of things about the show and its fandom. I've even fallen in love with Fluttershy. She's my waifu, I guess you could say. Haha.


So, this blog will be a journal of my experiences with Pony Hypnosis and all of its effects, from the good to the potentially bad.


A short while ago, I came across a topic on MLP Forums talking about Pony Hypnosis. I've always been a skeptic of hypnosis, having tried it a few times with no results. But last week, I decided to give the Hypnoponies files a chance, a decision made out of boredom and curiosity.


I played the Generic Pegasus file for my first real attempt. It started out kinda ineffective, but as the recording went on, something completely unexpected happened. I legitimately began to feel the changes. Wings growing from my shoulder blades...ears sprouting on the top of my head...a tail slowly forming...a muzzle elongating my face...and a coat growing all over me. It was, truly, one of the craziest experiences I've ever had.


Naturally, I had to have more. I listened to the Pony Body reinforcement files over the next few days, with simply astounding results. I can't remember which one, but one file says to imagine looking at your pony body in a mirror. After that one, I could legitimately see myself as a Pegasus. Now, I honestly and genuinely feel like a Pegasus. It's absolutely amazing. All I need to do now is say those magical words...and I'm back in my new form.


So far, so good. I'm beyond impressed. I'll keep this blog updated with everything that happens, from the positive effects to the negative effects.

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