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Rarity artist highlight #2 luminaura



luminaura's distinct and kinda sketchy style of drawing has impressed me and many others i would say.

Their maybe most well known piece in this community I would say is the one @Jeric is using as his go to avatar

Featuring Rarity wearing her glasses and holding Ponybuck coffee with her magic I would say that this piece is one of my favorite luminaura works, though some of their later works are up there for me as well.

Looking at the pic you can see that the black background highlights her character  and as such the focus of the pic really shifts towards her. Firstly you'll see her calm and peaceful eyes rendered beautifully, illuminating the radiance coming from her magic, which i think is one of the strong points in this piece, as you can almost feel the luminescence coming from her magic when it touches her lovely mane giving it a slight blueish hue.

As for the other details the glasses, necklace, earring and the bag really add more depth into the image and as such they really tie to whole package together. Overall  looking at this image is I would say kinda enlightening.

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Yes. Her Ponybucks piece is my favorite Rarity piece, and has been for years now. Heck, it's probably my favorite fandom art piece in general. Definitely an artist I am constantly impressed with. 

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