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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy a telltale series: First impression after the first episode (Spoiler free)

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Mesme Rize



Guardians of the galaxy has certainly become one of the most surprising box office successes in the last couple of years in 2014. A Marvel comic, which was certainly one of the more lesser known series, has become one of the more quotable movies recently (I AM GROOT) and is personally one of my favorite superhero movies ever. When i heard that Telltale will make a game from them with an original story, i was very excited since i was already a fan of Telltales the walking dead and the Wolf among us.


I can say that, atleast after the first episode, this game really delivers. It already starts great, with ELOs livin thing playing in the main menu, as Starlord constantly listens to his 70s mixtape on his 80s Sony Walkman. :P

The characters are all spot on as you remember them from the movie, meaning Rocket is a greedy racoon, Drax dosen't know what a metaphor is and Groot...well, he's Groot. You control Starlord, as he goes on adventures with his friends, while you make your own decisions in the story in typical Telltale fashion The graphics have their typical telltale flare. Very cellshaded with faces full of expressions.


I would like to say more, but i don't wanna spoil the first episode for you. Go buy it, if you liked other telltale games before and love the movie and wants something to hype you up for the second movie starting. :)

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