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I feel like I need to explain why I left this website about a year ago...

Nightfall Gloam



Simply put, I didn't die.

However, I had decided to quietly leave at the time I did because I wasn't very happy with the way the site was being run back then (I do not know if it has changed at all, heck I just got here and everything feels totally different now). At the time, though, I had felt like I would be "attention seeking" if I made a blog post about it while it was the cool thing to do. 

Since then, I have also just found other online communities where I can express my admiration for our little ponies (primarily on EqD's Morning and Nightly Discussions), I graduated from high school and found a Brony at my TAFE and we have been friends since we met, I am also currently dating someone that I had met online (but I haven't saw her in forever and my worries have been getting the best of me...) 

To add to that, I have been getting more into drawing and animation, as well as learning Filipino, and I simply feel like I don't really have any time to come back here, even if I wanted to. However, I may still pop in from time to time and make a couple of posts here and there, assuming the universe gives me the time.

If you remember me from when I was on here, and still want to contact me, you can on the following services:

Discord: Nightfall Gloam#5622

Steam: Nightfall Gloam

Wire: @nightfallgloam (Wire is just simply, an app that is like Skype)

And here we go, the little goodbye speech that I should have done ages ago, but never got around to. Goodbye, MLP Forums! It has been great being a member of your community!



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