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The 5 most WTF videos i ever watched #6 - Creepy Audio

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Hello again! thanks for stopping by! it's time for some.. *put my palm around my ear* WEIRD VIDEOS!!

now the theme of the videos are Sounds, yep, these are not videos as such but strange sounds that will do make your skin chills if you heard them alone in the dark. remember, there's no screamers and you are free to use your earphones for maximum scare experience just remember! if you are too sensitive to spooky audio i reccomend to not hear them but since you are a brave person have a nice trip to horror ^^

If you find a creepy or weird video/audio, please feel free to share it with us and make larger our collection and post your reactions too. Also if some videos are fake or not is irrelevant, the purpose is to freak you out. Cheers!


1) creepy Radio recording

This video was posted by Sir Fortesque76, and he says he is works as a security guard of a bank and he was listening to a radio something strange,he grabs his phone and record the audio, this is what he got

2) The WKCR incident

In 1995 a mysterious interruption cut the signal of the 88.9FM station and what it is heard next are screams and whispers with voices naming deceased persons.

3) Operation Wandering Souls 

During Vietnam war the US used an audio to frighten the Vietcong because of their religious beliefs, the vietnamese people believed that if someone dies without being buried the soul of the deceased will wander in pain for all eternity. The audio recordings can be an important factor in the battlefield? You be the judge.

4) The unexplainable Phone Call

This audio was recorded by someone's friend who tried to call his mom but instead of being his mom a strange sound was instead heard, So far we cannot tell what it is, feel free to post your thoughts



5) The sound of Saturn 

The NASA has been detecting radio emissions from the Saturn planet, and they compress those waves into audio sound and this is what's found 


Tell us what was the audio that scared you the most. keep up the brohooves to continue this saga! n.n //


Aghast - Sacrifice

Aghast is a group composed by 2 witches of Norway that began to make atmospheric music specially for black magic rituals. It's been said that when they began recording their firsts albums strange things happened in the studio like poltergeist and stuff, is not recommended to listen to it alone and the music is charged with negative feelings and depression

Creepiest call voicemail.

Finally the most scary audio i found, the woman on the video found that someone  left a message on her voice mail. The sounds aren't proved to be an animal, whoever who made that sound is not either human or animal, seems like something unknown, something or someone who is able to make calls and leave this, the audio hasn't been debunked so far and no further explanation exists to this day. I warn you, this sound is specially scary if you have a voice mail recorded, if you are going to listen to it, you are at your own risk and i do not be responsible for any shock or trauma.



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Came into this hoping for WKCR, got WKCR.

Anyway, let's go through these and talk about each one.

  1. Seems like it's a radio show. Why would that be broadcast? I doubt there's something broadcasting from someone's home and they're being murdered or whatever. Oh, and that "Rip her apart." That sounds like it's actually just part of an ad being misheard. I don't even see how it sounds like "rip her apart."
  2. Probably a prank. Not sure what else that could be. And it wasn't really hard to override a radio signal, especially one like WKCR's.
  3. This one was explained in the video. I can't imagine what it'd be like hearing this living there.
  4. Either fake or some messed up signal probably. But 2:53... That whisper makes it seem fake.
  5. This one is pretty self-explanatory. Creepy, yes. But not hard to figure out why.
  6. Haha oops, listening alone. About 1:40 in and I'm just bored. Not much interesting here.
  7. HI DEBORAH IT'S-- Anyway, this just sounds like a voice changer for a prank call. And there are ways to change the caller ID to something else when calling someone. Including their own number.
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