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I think that we need to outgrow the concept of tradition.  I believe it can be a dangerous mindset.  Our species seems to have a very natural tendency towards sentimentality, and attaching great importance to tradition, and while this is often benign, it is just as often not.  Traditions often prevent progress and new and better ideas.  For example, many seemingly decent people clung to the institution of slavery because it was tradition, and it was just what was always done.  Another example is the "traditional" definition of marriage: it's is between a man and a woman, that's the way it's always been, that's the way we've always done it, and so should it remain.  If we had adhered to this backward way of thinking, then we never would have won fair and equal treatment for all people.  For a long time, many people were against interracial marriage for similar reasons.  And, of course, the harms of religious traditions know no bounds.

One should always have a valid reason for anything that they do, and that reason could be as simple as "because it's fun," or "because I want to."  Those are perfectly good reasons.  Many traditions are harmless, such as baking Christmas cookies, or going to a theme park every New Year's Day.  If you enjoy such traditions, then go for it, but sure you only do them if you really want to.  Don't feel pressured to do something just because it's what you've done in the past.  More importantly, never do anything just because it's tradition, and for no other reason.  "Because it's what we've always done," or "because that's just what you do," are terrible reasons to do anything.  This mindset can cause harm ranging from wasting your Saturday putting up decorations that you don't want to, all the way up to oppressing whole groups of people for generations.  The next time you find yourself doing something because "that's just they way it's always been done", stop ask yourself: does it have to be done that way?  Probably not.

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Hm, traditions aren’t necessarily something which have to be done, like some people may think. They are simply a way of showing a family/country (or anything else) ‘s individuality. That’s the definition of Tradition in my mind. 

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