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Beltane Approaches, Yay!

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Beltane is coming in only a few weeks, people! SO EXCITING!!! April 30th

For those who don't know, Beltane is one of the eight Sabbats of the Celtic Calendar, some of which were adopted by the Catholic Church during the Crusades and other times of widespread convert, such as Lammastide and Yuletide.

Beltane in Wicca is a celebration of the God reaching manhood, and the Spring being in full swing, and we can already feel those effects now (in the Northern hemisphere). This is when the Goddess takes the God as her mate and start to make the land fertile again. It is for this reason that many choose to have their handfastings (an ancient style of wedding ceremony) on this day. The God impregnates the Goddess so they immediately start to prepare.

To prepare, we have a feast. Full of delicious food, and special friends, almost like Thanksgiving. A portion of the feast is then typically given as an offering to the now pregnant Goddess.

Women have traditionally braided freshly picked flower blossoms into their hair.

It is also customary to dance around a fire or totem pole in some practices. This is still done today on the more modern celebration of "May Day" where people dance around the May Pole.

This is also a time where the veil between the physical and spiritual thins out. Faerie become more active, and will sometimes just waltz on over into your house XD. Spiritual experiences are common. I once saw a shadow girl stare up at me. She looked so sad... :(


I will not be having a feast, for my own reasons, but I will try to make an offering if I can. I do think I will go on a nature walk, and possibly have a bonfire to dance around, cuz wynaut? Bonfires are the shiz!

I think I may make my first attempt at Drawing Down the Sun here soon, I think it fits.

I have yet to make a Beltane altar, but I hope to soon, and hopefully be able to present any offerings in a more-or-less formal matter.

I thought about making a batch organic brownies, and offer one to the God and Goddess. I think it could be tasty. Organic chocolate is the bomb 💣


So have a Blessed Beltane, maybe you have a special somepony to cuddle with ❤ or just want an exuse to light a fire XD but either way, I'm sure it will all be a very special time for all of you!

If you live in the Southern hemisphere, people more commonly are celebrating Samhain, not Beltane. But more about that in October :D

Blessed Be, my little ponies! :P

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