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England and The World Cup



 Thinking of wrting this, by time I write this World Cup alreadly started and England on their 2nd match. When I think of World Cup and England, People will always say and believe England not going to win the World Cup and relay on Germany, Brazil, Argentina or any other teams. It make me sick. Why England one of these teams that not going to win the World Cup and some other does? I don’t get it, well to me.

 It’s frustrated me, that’s I don’t talk about the World Cup, there be always negetive about England, it make me angry. I know what happen in past at World Cup and European Championship, like when England lose to Iceland two years ago. But does the past always repeat itself, always?

 Why would go for other team? cos they have more chance to win the trophy? Do teams like Belgium, Poland, Japan or Seganal have more chance winning than England? Pathetic if you think so. Also being Manchester United fan why is it being one of them,m they seem  stereotype as not supporting and  fellowing England?, it make me sick.

 I’m always be an England fan, an England man and if kind of England squad are, I always think, always believe they win the World Cup, maybe year and next 4 years, it will happen. And why not?  Never think of supporting Germany, Argentina, Brazil or France.

 As this is about England and the World Cup, i be mention Cricket, Rugby Union & Rugby League. England become Champions in Rugby League, almost in Rugby League but never in Cricket World Cup. That also frustrated me and bleeding people like to critics, people from other country like Australia, India, Pakistan & USA. Hope it get it sorted it, yeah Womens’ Cricket team won Cricket World Cup but I’m a guy and like to Men team win as well. Don’t bother me about this.


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