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Spyro, Sparx and Me



 Should of done this after finishing Spyro Reignited Trilogy, back in January. Start bought it at November last year. There new Spyro game, remake of old Spyro  games from Original Playstaion be coming out, I was execting but it be a long wait. During before game come out, see some good pictures, Sheila look different but like it, so did Elora look great and flirty and Bianca is beautiful and does look like character from WB loony toons. When it meant to be release on Spetember but was move to November. When it release, I pre-order should of got but got it next day. Fall in love with game again, mostly play on weekend and Christmas holiday, wanted to play it during the week days, it so that addictive. I fall in love with Red Dress fairy or call her Check point fairy, she does have a voice (Unlike in Spyro 1 back in Original Playstation) but only say ‘Hi Spyro’. Who love about her is when Spyro flame her or jump near her she goes up and does backward somersault with guggle, love Zoe the Fairy as well she does that Backward somersault when you flame or jump near her. Also love Fairy that kiss Spyro and fanus from Fracture Hillls and Sheila the kangaroo.

  During playing games, some part was hard, though there parts I might not get past and finish game uncomplete like back in old game but manage to get past it. Speedway, and mini games in Spyro 2 and 3 are ones that stress me. Also stress me more is area that diffcult jump/land on when jumping or flying. There level where you supercharge and get to other side most time can’t make it or unable to go near it. Also during playing Spyro 3, waiting to upload to Starting Screen but seem to take it time and fear lost my game, I turn the game off many time until finally got to start screen, it happen few times. Try to tell some people if experience like this but either can’t find any or don’t tell. Spyro 3 sure is hard. Boss didn’t took long (Unlike in Spyro 1). When complete the game felt sad cos I enjoyed playing the game, it been a  journey. Even it there some hard parts. Even use cheat 99 Lives cos keep dying and that cheat was useful for me. Heard there might be new game after Reignited games and Spyro be part in Crash Race team, hope there be.

 Back in days, when all 3 Spyro games were out on Original Playstation and we haven’t got a Playstation yet and when we had did get a Spyro game right away, I remember play a Spyro 2 on Demo (Only had 2 Spyro 2 levels). My first Spyro game I bought was Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, ever since even unable to fully complete the game I play it many times and use cheat to get to extra sceret level. Did bought Spyro 2 and 1, and played it many times. I didn’t know a company left Spyro games and got new company I was new to  all these news thing. I join some fansites and sites. When Enter the Dragonfly come out I was excting I bought and play it. People seem to dislike it and fansite closed down or changed, I was sad that it comes to this and Rachet & Clark seem to take over which annoyed me. Then there’s Spyro A hero’s Tail don’t care it change and different I glad to see a Spyro game and enjoy playing. Mostly play games that Spyro, football and wrestling, do play some adventure games. Look back, these two Spyro games (After Year of the dragon) feel bad to me, and Spyro in A hero’s Taill seem too dumb and game seem a kids’ game that adults can’t enjoy. And there Legend of Spyro, most Spyro fans not happy but I did enjoy the games and love the story. Even Sparx is different, so different and so talkavie. In Legend of Spyro 2 there level in Priate ship, really stuck on so many enermies and less check points. Remember stop playing it but able to get past and complete the game. And there dawn of the Dragon, legend of Spyro 3. After finish with it I wonder there be any more Spyro game. Also Spyro in Legend of Spyro been voice bt Elijah Wood (Who starred in Lord of The Ring). Then there Skylanders, shock how different Spyro is. Played Skylander 1 cos it said Spyro’s Adventure but stuggle at final part cos only wanted to play as Spyro. Skylanders being more than Spyro game as Spyro not main character. Forgot to mention did play a Spyro game on Game Boy Advane I borrow from my brother, but accidentley broke GBA. Then there’s Reignited games.

 Spyro and Sparx been my life, been my Mario and Luigi. Do think Spyro & Sparx being my sidekick me being a hero/superhero. They are my favorite duo. Which Spyro and Sparx I prefer? used to be duo from Legend of Spyro. But since Reignited games out. Original (/ Reignited) always the best. Hope new Spyro game come out hope Original/Reignited Spyro be powerful as Legend of Spyro. Spyro and Sparx always be part of me. And three fairies and fauns from Fracture Hillls are some of my waifus.




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