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Sunny Man and Izzy Man



It been weird little shocking and sad moment, my dad pass away in 25th August. Moment that happen, what worry me is mum will going cry alot. But it didn’t happen. My half brother, nethpew, nicece, older half sister and her husband come over to help out on things like money. We are really fine, everybody will pass away and you do move on. There will be struggle. We got famliy and without them we will stuggle. I like to move on and do things I like and still remeber my dad. He start had dementia since end of 2019, my mum look after him, and it was stuggle, worry about my mum, she been screaming and shouting cos dad been diffcult. We have carer every Tuesday. Try to move on and carry on as normal. My dad walk up all night mostly and it been diffcult for mum. Somewhere in August before his passing, he was sent to hospital as he suddenley keep sick out when he eat and drink. he was in hospital for two weeks before he return and then come 25th. When sent to hospital again, knew time come. Funreal was on 15 September, thought we just got the car but never car with coffin, but we did, cos I don’t like to show off. Some people in neighbourhood started looking when heading to funreal, at church, the speaker talk about dad’s past and things, there things I didn’t know. Then after funreal, went to resturant. Had good meal. 

 Back in April, we lost one of our cats, Mum cat (that her name). She had gum ache. And vet don’t seem to know what going and say things are alright. Her face started to go weird look like ugly dog. How did vet didn’t know what’s going on? this is thing trust vet or doctor as they didn’t know  what wrong and then things go bad. We adopted Mum cat, as she got pregant twice. We got Ozzy and Gremiln from her along with Taby and Ginger (before we sent them to pet shop). 

 Also had money problem. My money went down, had 5/4 thousand then went down to 3 hundred something. I was shock when I saw that. Sure didn’t spend that much, guess it got to do with my comic con visit and playstation and the Sims 4.

 Yeah been horrible year, also that Euro 2020/21 final never get over it. This also somethings this year like Middleton Railway visit and Comic Con Leeds. 



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