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Paladins: Commenting on AoC Balance

Here No Longer



I am commenting to this video from one of the members of the Association of Champions, which is basically Hi-Rez's PR that instead of being part of the company are established, and mostly somewhat known members of the community.


  1. Torvald WILL Die. 100%. Field Study was literally the only thing that gave him something in this meta. Now it's nerfed into the ground. Stupid.
  2. Tyra Changes sound good, sort of. I have a feeling the Hunting Party change won't be enough and the other mark changes will just affect her other loadouts more, effectively killing her off, and making Hunting Party her only viable talent and at that only in niche situations.
  3. Their logic for not hitting up Luminary is total nonsense. What they did to Torvald might actually kill him, but they're worried about killing Jenos, the best support in the game? Yeah, I call BS. After all of these three changes, I have a feeling Jenos might actually become top tier, because Luminary and maybe Tyra's Hunting Party will be the only viable sources of damage amp.
  4. Dredge ult changes to me sound like they might end up being a nerf instead of a buff like intended, but we'll see. Still no CD on Broadside, so I give a thumbs down.
  5. Nerfing Khan's damage makes absolutely no sense. Seriously, he does LESS damage than every tank in the game right now with the sole exception of Torvald. No joke. Consider Khan dead. Also, they aren't nerfing Ruckus' so I guess that's a positive? But not really because his durabilty ends up making him deal mediocre damage anyways. Not fixing that, nope.
  6. How exactly will they nerf Barik's damage? One way might be a good idea, but the other possibilities I can think of would be terrible and just make it hard to play him.
  7. I have to admit, the ideas they have for flanks are pretty decent. But, they're keeping Buck and Talus dead apparently. 


I have to say, I am so surprised this got POSITIVE feedback from the community. These changes for the most part are BAD for the characters they affect and might actually be bad for the GAME if they go too far with them. I do NOT like these ideas, not at all because some of the ideas are alright. Like the ideas they have for Moji are exactly what she needs. But other than that, I'm pretty negative about these changes. Hopefully they'll really think through them and their consequences before they make the changes.



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