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My Gaming Month(s) Catch Up (Rest of 2020)

Deae Rising Shine~


Formula 1 2020(PS4)


-Weekly Event

--Trophy Earned: Finding your Feet(Complete 10 Online Races)(Bronze)(Uncommon 34.54%)

--Trophy Earned: Squeaky Clean(Complete 10 Clean Online races)(Bronze)(Rare 17.34%)

--Trophy Earned: Bragging Rights(Win any online race)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.03%)

--Trophy Earned: Glove at First Sight(Equip a new pair of gloves from the Podium Pass or Item Shop)(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.88%)

--Trophy Earned: Well on Your Way(Complete 25 Online Races)(Silver)(Uncommon 26.48%)

--Trophy Earned: One for the 'gram(Make an adjustment within photo mode)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.37%)

--Trophy Earned: Half Centurion(Complete 50 Online Races)(Silver)(Uncommon 21.04%)

--Trophy Earned: My Precious(Set a favourite trophy)(Bronze)(Uncommon 34.68%)


Spyro the Dragon(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Birds of a Feather(Flame every Vulture in Cliff Town)(Bronze)(Common 76.47%)

--Trophy Earned: Triathlon(Defeat all three Ski Gnorcs)(Bronze)(Common 74.76%)

--Trophy Earned: What's in the Box?(Unlock the strong chest in Doctor Shemp)(Bronze)(Common 79.03%)

--Trophy Earned: Hot Wings 1(Flame all Fairies in Night Flight)(Silver)(Common 52.27%)

--Trophy Earned: Comin' Through!(Charge through 4 Armored Druids near the start of Magic Crafters)(Bronze)(Common 60.92%)

--Trophy Earned: Arachnophobe(Defeat all Metalback Spiders)(Bronze)(Common 65.93%)

--Trophy Earned: Pops of the Tops(Detonate 3 explosive chests on the pillars in Alpine Ridge)(Silver)(Common 70.68%)

--Trophy Earned: Egg Hunt(Defeat hidden Egg Thief in Wizard Peak)(Silver)(Common 68.00%)

--Trophy Earned: Hot Wings 2(Flame all Fairies in Crystal Flight)(Silver)(Common 52.59%)

--Trophy Earned: Gatherer(Collect 400 gems in Blowhard)(Silver)(Common 70.35%)

--Trophy Earned: Mushroom Hunter(Flame 5 Glowing Mushrooms in Beast Makers)(Silver)(Common 54.69%)

--Trophy Earned: Rocketeer(Light 3 fireworks within 15 seconds)(Bronze)(Common 51.57%)

--Trophy Earned: Cage Free(Free a trapped Chicken)(Bronze)(Common 66.17%)

--Trophy Earned: I Believe it is Time for Me to Fly(Complete Wild Flight without touching the ground)(Silver)(Common 56.19%)

--Trophy Earned: Gems in the Rough(Collect 500 gems in Metalhead)(Silver)(Common 61.85%)

--Trophy Earned: Launch Date(Jump off every Supercharge ramp in Tree Tops)(Gold)(Common 64.68%)

--Trophy Earned: Fool's Errand(Charge through 3 Armored Fools in a row)(Bronze)(Common 64.06%)

--Trophy Earned: Bad Doggies!(Defeat 3 Demon Dogs in large form)(Silver)(Common 59.28%)

--Trophy Earned: All Puffed Up(Charge through 4 Puffer Birds in a row)(Silver)(Common 60.94%)

--Trophy Earned: Scrap Metal(Defeat all Tin Soldiers)(Silver)(Common 56.45%)

--Trophy Earned: Jacques-tacular(Defeat 4 Nightmare Beasts in one glide)(Silver)(Common 52.66%)

--Trophy Earned: Fly Like an Eagle(Complete Icy Flight without touching the ground)(Gold)(Common 52.96%)

--Trophy Earned: Ratastic!(Complete Gnorc Cove without killing any Rats)(Bronze)(Common 51.45%)

--Trophy Earned: What Really Grinds My Gears(Destroy 6 gears in Twilight Harbor)(Silver)(Common 50.32%)

--Trophy Earned: Dragon and On and On(Get Gnasty Gnorc to complete 5 laps)(Silver)(Common 52.06%)

--Trophy Earned: I'm in the Money!(Unlock Gnasty's Loot)(Gold)(Common 54.96%)

--Trophy Earned: Hoarder(Collect all gems in Gnasty's Loot)(Silver)(Common 54.93%)

--Trophy Earned: Gnasty's Demise(Collect all Spyro the Dragon Trophies)(Platinum)(Uncommon 48.64%)


Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Hypersonic(Light 6 Gem Lamps in 15 seconds)(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.39%)

--Trophy Earned: Well, You Might As Well(Complete Hunter's challenge)(Bronze)(Common 66.61%)

--Trophy Earned: Bad Sushi(Do not feed the Hungry Idol any red fish)(Bronze)(Common 50.31%)

--Trophy Earned: Using Your Head(Charge a Goat in Colossus)(Bronze)(Common 55.10%)

--Trophy Earned: Exterminate(Defeat every robot in Hurricos)(Bronze)(Common 58.01%)

--Trophy Earned: Warm up the Crowd(Heat up the audience)(Bronze)(Uncommon 43.40%)

--Trophy Earned: Lockjaw(Destroy every Roboshark)(Silver)(Common 53.90%)

--Trophy Earned: Conservationist 1(Complete Crush's Dungeon without hitting any fodder)(Gold)(Uncommon 48.54%)

--Trophy Earned: Rescued!(Headbutt every turtle in Turtle Soup challenges)(Silver)(Uncommon 47.38%)

--Trophy Earned: Long Distance(Complete the long glide to Orb in Autumn Plains)(Bronze)(Uncommon 48.49%)

--Trophy Earned: Ganked(Steal a Popcorn Crystal from Hunter)(Bronze)(Uncommon 48.68%)

--Trophy Earned: Bird is the Word(Flame the Pigeons first in Metro Speedway)(Bronze)(Uncommon 43.74%)

--Trophy Earned: Bug Control(Defeat all Draclets in one Superflight)(Silver)(Uncommon 44.30%)

--Trophy Earned: Unburnt(Don't touch the lava in Skelos Badlands)(Silver)(Uncommon 42.47%)

--Trophy Earned: Gnot Cannon(Use a cannon to defeat a TNT thrower)(Silver)(Common 50.60%)

--Trophy Earned: Duck and Cover(Don't get hit by Bob)(Silver)(Uncommon 40.66%)

--Trophy Earned: Dryfoot(Don't touch the hazardous water in Shady Oasis)(Silver)(Uncommon 48.20%)

--Trophy Earned: Flyin' High(Defeat the Snowmobiles before defeating a Hang Glider)(Silver)(Uncommon 43.09%)

--Trophy Earned: Trouble No More(Clean run in the trolley)(Gold)(Common 51.35%)

--Trophy Earned: Conservationist 2(Complete Gulp's Overlook without harming fodder)(Gold)(Uncommon 41.01%)

--Trophy Earned: Giantslayer(Defeat every Earthshaper in Fracture Hills)(Silver)(Uncommon 41.49%)

--Trophy Earned: Yard Work(Headbash every rock in Winter Tundra)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.51%)

--Trophy Earned: Sheeples(Don't hit any Sheep in Cloud Temples)(Silver)(Uncommon 40.86%)

--Trophy Earned: Spitball(Defeat every Robo Bee by spitting)(Silver)(Uncommon 40.59%)

--Trophy Earned: Buggin' Out(Defeat 5 Buggies while charging)(Silver)(Uncommon 44.29%)

--Trophy Earned: Olly Olly Oxen Free(Defeat the Ox without taking a hit)(Gold)(Uncommon 40.66%)

--Trophy Earned: RGB(Use all 3 types of power-ups in Ripto's Arena)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.45%)

--Trophy Earned: Monkeying Around(Charge through every Monkey in Mystic Marsh)(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.03%)

--Trophy Earned: He's on FIRE!(Unlock the permanent Super Flame)(Gold)(Uncommon 42.79%)

--Trophy Earned: Ripto's Remorse(Collect all trophies in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage)(Platinum)(Uncommon 38.52%)


Uncharted The Lost Legacy(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Stunt It!(Get 30 seconds of total airtime with the vehicle)(Bronze)(Uncommon 44.77%)

--Trophy Earned: 4x4x4(Defeat 4 enemies with the vehicle in 20 seconds)(Bronze)(Uncommon 24.73%)

--Trophy Earned: Wingwoman(Perform 10 combo partner takedowns)(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.57%)

--Trophy Earned: Itchy Trigger Finger(Defeat 20 enemies firing from-the-hip)(Bronze)(Uncommon 29.36%)

--Trophy Earned: Stay and Pray(Defeat 20 enemies blind-firing from cover)(Bronze)(Uncommon 27.33%)


Shadow of the Tomb Raider(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Treasure Hunter(Find and open all the main game Conquistador treasure chests)(Bronze)(Uncommon 26.77%)

--Trophy Earned: Surprise!(Perform 5 Eagle's Talon takedowns)(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.57%)

--Trophy Earned: Last Known Position(Lose the enemy 10 times)(Bronze)(Common 51.47%)

--Trophy Earned: Good Samaritan(Complete 8 Side Missions)(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.85%)

--Trophy Earned: Tomb Raider(Complete all main game Challenge Tombs)(Silver)(Uncommon 34.42%)


Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: The Money's in the Bag(Sunrise Spring: Free Sheila the Kangaroo)(Silver)(Common 54.76%)

--Trophy Earned: Head in the Clouds(Cloud Spires: Glide for 5+ seconds (and land safely!))(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.93%)

--Trophy Earned: A Key Move(Molten Crater: Unlock the locked treasure chest)(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.43%)

--Trophy Earned: Bye Bye Bluto(Seashell Shore: Defeat Bluto's nuclear shark submarine)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.42%)

--Trophy Earned: Stomping Target Practice(Sheila's Alp: As Sheila, destroy all headbash treasure chests)(Bronze)(Uncommon 48.62%)

--Trophy Earned: The Villa Bully(Sunny Villa: Defeat all Coward Rhynocs)(Bronze)(Common 54.45%)

--Trophy Earned: Star Power(Mushroom Speedway: Fly Through 4 Star Speed Boosts In One Lap)(Bronze)(Uncommon 44.17%)

--Trophy Earned: Moving Up In The World(Sunrise Spring: Launch the Transporter Balloon)(Gold)(Uncommon 49.41%)

--Trophy Earned: Buzz Off!(Buzz's Dungeon: Defeat Buzz)(Silver)(Uncommon 49.05%)

--Trophy Earned: A Byrd in the Hand...(Midday Gardens: Free Sgt. James Byrd)(Silver)(Uncommon 48.29%)

--Trophy Earned: Who's Your Crawdaddy?(Crawdad Farm: Defeat the Crawdad King)(Bronze)(Uncommon 41.36%)

--Trophy Earned: Cannon Fodder(Icy Peak: Destroy 6 icy things using the cannons)(Bronze)(Uncommon 45.50%)

--Trophy Earned: Byrd Bombs(Sgt. Byrd's Base: As Sgt. Byrd, bomb all treasure chests)(Bronze)(Uncommon 45.65%)

--Trophy Earned: Tucked in for a Long Slumber(Spooky Swamp: Defeat Sleepyhead)(Bronze)(Uncommon 45.96%)


Formula 1 2020(PS4)

-My Team

-Time Trial

-Grand Prix

--Trophy Earned: Who are you!?(Change your driver head part way through a My Team or Driver Career playthrough.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.83%)

--Trophy Earned: New Kids on the Block(Set up your own F1 team and show your car to the world at the pre-season car reveal)(Bronze)(Common 78.53%)

--Trophy Earned: First Outing(Drive your team's car out on track for the first time in My Team mode)(Bronze)(Common 77.90%)

--Trophy Earned: Ditch the Downforce(Complete a clean Time Trial lap using the 'Maximum Top Speed' car set up preset)(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.51%)

--Trophy Earned: Who You Gonna Call!?(Beat a Personal Best Ghost and Rival Ghost in Time Trial)(Silver)(Uncommon 44.76%)

--Trophy Earned: You Didn't See Anything(Activate a Flashback)(Bronze)(Common 81.76%)

--Trophy Earned: Mad Tash for the Finish Line(Win a race in the 1992 Williams FW14B at Silverstone)(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.28%)

--Trophy Earned: Hats Off(Get on the F1 podium for the first time)(Silver)(Common 77.01%)

--Trophy Earned: The Orange Army(Win a race at Zandvoort as Max Verstappen)(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.57%)


Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Bottled Curiosity(Bamboo Terrace: Follow the question mark bottles to the end)(Bronze)(Uncommon 44.55%)

--Trophy Earned: Rocket Racer(Country Speedway: Fire 5 missiles in one race)(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.87%)

--Trophy Earned: Balloon Buster(Enchanted Towers: Destroy all the balloons)(Silver)(Uncommon 42.10%)

--Trophy Earned: One Small Step for Dragon...(Midday Gardens: Launch the Transporter Whirligig)(Gold)(Uncommon 44.90%)

--Trophy Earned: No Dragon for Lunch Today!(Spike's Arena: Defeat Spike)(Silver)(Uncommon 44.79%)

--Trophy Earned: A Small Cost to Bear(Evening Lake: Free Bentley the Yeti)(Silver)(Uncommon 44.03%)

--Trophy Earned: It's Totem Destruction(Bentley's Outpost: As Bentley, destroy all the totem poles)(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.55%)

--Trophy Earned: Web-Be-Gone(Spider Town: As Sparx, defeat the Spider King)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.34%)

--Trophy Earned: Man the Cannons, Man(Lost Fleet: Use cannons to shoot down all vultures)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.53%)

--Trophy Earned: A Dozen Cold Ones(Frozen Altars: Use ice breath to freeze 12 enemies)(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.25%)

--Trophy Earned: Twin Dragon Destruction(Fireworks Factory: Defeat Twin Dragons (Boss))(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.65%)

--Trophy Earned: The Harder They Fall(Charmed Ridge: Defeat a giant)(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.98%)

--Trophy Earned: Real Star Power(Honey Speedway: Fly through 12 star speed boosts in one race)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.85%)

--Trophy Earned: ...One Giant Leap for Dragonkind(Evening Lake: Launch the Transporter Rocket)(Silver)(Uncommon 42.04%)

--Trophy Earned: Scorched!(Scorch's Pit: Defeat Scorch)(Silver)(Uncommon 41.99%)

--Trophy Earned: That Monkey's Gonna (Make Them) Pay...(Midnight Mountain: Free Agent 9)(Silver)(Uncommon 41.82%)

--Trophy Earned: Someone Set Us Up the Bomb(Agent 9's Lab: As Agent 9, shoot down all the balloons)(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.05%)

--Trophy Earned: Manta Erayser(Starfish Reef: As Sparx, defeat the Manta Ray)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.38%)

--Trophy Earned: Vanishing Act(Crystal Islands: Defeat all the Crystal Bears)(Bronze)(Uncommon 41.21%)

--Trophy Earned: Butterfly Hunter(Desert Ruins: Find both butterfly jars)(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.37%)

--Trophy Earned: A Sarcopha-Kinda Guy(Haunted Tomb: Destroy All Sarcophagi)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.18%)

--Trophy Earned: Nice Shootin' Tex(Dino Mines: As Agent 9, defeat an enemy with a richochet shot)(Bronze)(Uncommon 40.14%)

--Trophy Earned: Hunt for Hunter(Harbor Speedway: Find Hunter)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.43%)

--Trophy Earned: Sorceress Down!(Sorceress's Lair: Defeat The Sorceress)(Gold)(Uncommon 40.51%)

--Trophy Earned: 8000 Reasons to Kick Butt(Midnight Mountain: Get revenge on Moneybags)(Gold)(Uncommon 39.45%)

--Trophy Earned: Debugging(Bugbot Factory: As Sparx, defeat the Metapede)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.06%)

--Trophy Earned: Party like it's 2024(Win all trophies in Spyro 3)(Platinum)(Uncommon 35.91%)


Metro 2033 Redux(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Generous(Help the poor, a coin for the kid, medicine for the sick. You help everyone you see.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 24.87%)

--Trophy Earned: Who goes there?(Wipe your Gas Mask 20 times.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.15%)

--Trophy Earned: Manhattan Project(Spend 60 seconds in a Radiation Hotspot.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.07%)

--Trophy Earned: Demolitionist(Blow up the tunnel and airlock at CURSED STATION.)(Bronze)(Common 60.54%)

--Trophy Earned: Stunning(Knock 30 human enemies out in close combat.)(Bronze)(Rare 18.46%)

--Trophy Earned: Fire in the hole(Kill 20 lurkers.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.34%)

--Trophy Earned: Gunman(Kill 100 enemies with shotguns.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.12%)

--Trophy Earned: DJ Artyom(On the level OUTPOST reach the radio tower and broadcast the commander's message.)(Silver)(Uncommon 27.07%)

--Trophy Earned: Merciful(Complete the level BLACK STATION without killing or knocking out any enemies.)(Bronze)(Rare 15.80%)

--Trophy Earned: Tonic Man(Use a Medkit 75 times.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 41.79%)

--Trophy Earned: Nosalis hunter(Kill 100 nosalises.)(Bronze)(Common 51.44%)

--Trophy Earned: Hunter(Kill 200 Mutants.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.74%)

--Trophy Earned: Spider hunter(Kill 10 Spiders.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.73%)

--Trophy Earned: Scrooge(Save 1000 military-grade rounds.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 22.06%)

--Trophy Earned: Pathoanatomist(Kill 5 amoebas.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.29%)

--Trophy Earned: Inquisitor(Kill 2 demons.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 35.65%)

--Trophy Earned: Spartan 2033(Complete the game in Spartan Mode.)(Gold)(Uncommon 29.85%)

--Trophy Earned: Enlightened(Find the truth.)(Gold)(Rare 16.60%)

--Trophy Earned: Watchman hunter(Kill 50 Watchmen.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.70%)

--Trophy Earned: Blogger(Complete all 51 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages.)(Silver)(Rare 14.44%)


Metro Last Light Redux(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Veteran(Choose three primary weapons that use different ammo.)(Bronze)(Common 83.19%)

--Trophy Earned: Rabbit(Complete training sequence.)(Bronze)(Common 89.88%)

--Trophy Earned: Freedom(Free the Prisoners.)(Bronze)(Common 65.56%)

--Trophy Earned: Clean Escape(Escape the chasing Enemies on the REICH level without being caught once.)(Bronze)(Common 74.82%)

--Trophy Earned: Invisible Intruder(Complete the SEPARATION level without killing or raising alarm.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.66%)

--Trophy Earned: Invisible Savior(Complete the FACILITY level without killing or raising alarm.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 22.20%)

--Trophy Earned: Pyromaniac(Burn 50 Cobwebs.)(Bronze)(Common 54.91%)

--Trophy Earned: Mouse(Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen.)(Bronze)(Common 59.39%)

--Trophy Earned: Patron of the Arts(Watch the entire Theater Show.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 41.05%)

--Trophy Earned: Within a Hair of Death(Escape from the Red Line.)(Bronze)(Common 71.57%)

--Trophy Earned: Engineer(Use 10 Lever Switches.)(Bronze)(Common 70.94%)

--Trophy Earned: Edison(Turn off 40 Lights without breaking them.)(Bronze)(Common 54.07%)

--Trophy Earned: Invisible Soldier(Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 21.15%)

--Trophy Earned: Tortoise(Make 10 Spiders flip belly-up.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 45.58%)

--Trophy Earned: Air!(Spend 30 minutes' worth of Filters.)(Bronze)(Common 66.01%)

--Trophy Earned: Commando(Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising alarm.)(Silver)(Uncommon 36.11%)

--Trophy Earned: Cheers!(Drink at every occasion.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.47%)

--Trophy Earned: Reunion(Find and return the crying child's Teddy Bear.)(Silver)(Uncommon 38.69%)

--Trophy Earned: Antibiotic(Kill 100 Mutants.)(Bronze)(Common 62.06%)

--Trophy Earned: Big Momma(Kill the Rhino.)(Bronze)(Common 59.01%)

--Trophy Earned: Savior(Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 25.26%)

--Trophy Earned: No shooting allowed(Kill 10 enemies in a row with Throwing Knives.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 29.03%)

--Trophy Earned: Rain Man(Complete the BRIDGE level without a kill.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 21.20%)

--Trophy Earned: Secret(Find out about the Reds' plans.)(Bronze)(Common 56.24%)

--Trophy Earned: Ever Vigilant(Disarm 10 Traps.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 24.85%)

--Trophy Earned: Back to the Past(See all Visions in the Dead City.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 25.85%)

--Trophy Earned: Forest Guardian(Save the Bear from the Watchmen after the fight.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 43.74%)

--Trophy Earned: Revelation(Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One.)(Bronze)(Common 54.36%)

--Trophy Earned: Spartan 2034(Complete the game in Spartan Mode.)(Silver)(Uncommon 37.04%)

--Trophy Earned: Redemption(Save D6.)(Gold)(Uncommon 20.98%)

--Trophy Earned: Published(Complete all 43 of Artyom's hidden Diary pages.)(Silver)(Rare 18.15%)


Metro Exodus(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Brakeman(Detach all train cars on the MOSCOW level.)(Bronze)(Rare 18.21%)

--Trophy Earned: Exodus(Complete the MOSCOW level.)(Bronze)(Common 81.78%)

--Trophy Earned: Aurora(Name the locomotive.)(Bronze)(Common 80.62%)

--Trophy Earned: Join us on air(Find a tune on the radio.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.72%)

--Trophy Earned: Regatta(Get into a boat.)(Bronze)(Common 77.61%)

--Trophy Earned: Saboteur(Melee-kill or stun 50 enemies.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 46.39%)

--Trophy Earned: Handyman(Spend 500 consumable resources on crafting.)(Bronze)(Common 57.80%)

--Trophy Earned: Gunsmith(Install a modification of each category on a single weapon.)(Bronze)(Common 59.34%)

--Trophy Earned: Friend of the Crew(Find the guitar and teddy bear on the VOLGA level.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 48.86%)

--Trophy Earned: Silent marksman(Kill 30 enemies with Tikhar.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.76%)

--Trophy Earned: Martian(Patch the Gasmask.)(Bronze)(Common 80.79%)

--Trophy Earned: Fisherman(Kill the Catfish.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.36%)

--Trophy Earned: Railwayman(Get into the Trolley.)(Bronze)(Common 59.14%)

--Trophy Earned: Long distance passenger(Find the passenger train car.)(Bronze)(Common 58.03%)

--Trophy Earned: Kaleidoscope(Kill 3 enemies using sniper scope while wearing the Gas mask and using the Night Vision goggles all at the same time.)(Bronze)(Rare 19.32%)

--Trophy Earned: Duke(Duke survives.)(Silver)(Uncommon 34.09%)

--Trophy Earned: Lower the Bridge(Complete the VOLGA level.)(Bronze)(Common 56.49%)

--Trophy Earned: Spoiled dinner(Complete the YAMANTAU level.)(Bronze)(Common 55.30%)

--Trophy Earned: All road map(Find the maps in the Labaratory.)(Bronze)(Common 52.28%)

--Trophy Earned: Driver(Drive the Bukhanka.)(Bronze)(Common 54.05%)

--Trophy Earned: Damir(Damir stays with crew.)(Silver)(Uncommon 23.13%)

--Trophy Earned: New order(Complete the CASPIAN level.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.22%)

--Trophy Earned: Gor'ko!(Attend the wedding on the SUMMER level.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.01%)

--Trophy Earned: Decommunization(Destroy the biggest statue in front of the children's camp on the TAIGA level.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.46%)

--Trophy Earned: Master of the Forest(Stand your ground against the Bear at first encounter.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.61%)

--Trophy Earned: 5 O'clock(Take part in the Admiral's tea party on the TAIGA level.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 29.59%)

--Trophy Earned: Alyosha(Alyosha doesn't get wounded.)(Silver)(Uncommon 35.90%)

--Trophy Earned: Forest child(Complete the TAIGA level without attacking anyone or getting noticed.)(Bronze)(Rare 12.24%)

--Trophy Earned: Sword of Damocles(Complete the TAIGA level.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 43.87%)

--Trophy Earned: Putrification(Pass the putrid tunnel.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 42.92%)

--Trophy Earned: Guide(Pass the Research Facility without killing a Blind One on the DEAD CITY level.)(Silver)(Uncommon 25.45%)

--Trophy Earned: Your Destination(Assume command of the Order.)(Gold)(Uncommon 28.13%)

--Trophy Earned: Full Strength(Duke and Damir stay with the crew, Alyosha doesn't get wounded.)(Gold)(Rare 18.41%)


The Order 1886(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: Discombobulated(Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 ‘Falchion')(Silver)(Uncommon 40.65%)

--Trophy Earned: From the Hip(Kill 25 enemies without aiming)(Silver)(Uncommon 49.14%)

--Trophy Earned: Gunslinger(Kill 75 enemies with pistols)(Silver)(Common 72.20%)

--Trophy Earned: Brilliant!(Shoot an airborne grenade during Blacksight)(Gold)(Uncommon 41.78%)

--Trophy Earned: Undivided Attention(Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight)(Silver)(Uncommon 48.31%)

--Trophy Earned: The Marksman(Kill 5 enemies with a headshot during Blacksight)(Gold)(Common 52.98%)

--Trophy Earned: Up in Flames(Incinerate 15 enemies)(Silver)(Uncommon 49.34%)

--Trophy Earned: Well Rounded(Kill an enemy with every weapon)(Gold)(Common 52.88%)

--Trophy Earned: Power of Observation(Inspect all objects)(Silver)(Uncommon 36.17%)

--Trophy Earned: Archivist(Collect all phonograph cylinders)(Silver)(Uncommon 35.14%)

--Trophy Earned: Detail Oriented(Inspect all photographs and documents)(Silver)(Uncommon 35.12%)

--Trophy Earned: Inspector First Class(Find all inspect items)(Gold)(Uncommon 34.78%)

--Trophy Earned: The Grail(Collect all Trophies)(Platinum)(Uncommon 34.60%)




--Trophy Earned: Pass out(Reach the truck in Brighton Beach.)(Bronze)(Common 96.70%)

--Trophy Earned: Treasure found(Find your first collectable item.)(Bronze)(Common 80.42%)

--Trophy Earned: Do you feel lucky?(Kill an enemy with the last bullet of the revolver.)(Bronze)(Common 71.31%)

--Trophy Earned: Davy Jones Locker(Have XIII drown.)(Silver)(Uncommon 40.21%)

--Trophy Earned: Stealth master(Eliminate 5 enemies in a row without alerting them.)(Silver)(Uncommon 41.74%)

--Trophy Earned: I am a tank now(Get full armor.)(Bronze)(Common 65.54%)

--Trophy Earned: Sting like a bee(Destroy a punching bag.)(Silver)(Uncommon 37.14%)

--Trophy Earned: Bar fighter(Eliminate 20 enemies with improvised weapons.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.29%)

--Trophy Earned: Medic!(Find 10 medkits.)(Bronze)(Common 65.11%)

--Trophy Earned: Sniper expert(Eliminate 5 enemies in a row with the Dragunov.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.23%)

--Trophy Earned: Headhunter(Eliminate 15 enemies with a headshot in one level.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 37.73%)

--Trophy Earned: Hard to kill(Get 20 pieces of armor.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.23%)

--Trophy Earned: Tough guy(Eliminate 5 enemies with your fists in a row.)(Bronze)(Common 53.30%)

--Trophy Earned: Infiltration Completed(Find a way into Emerald Base.)(Bronze)(Common 57.80%)

--Trophy Earned: Invincible(Eliminate 10 enemies without getting hurt.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.67%)

--Trophy Earned: Open sesame(Unlock 15 doors.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 49.67%)

--Trophy Earned: Authentic cowboy(Eliminate 6 enemies with one magazine of the Revolver.)(Silver)(Uncommon 36.78%)

--Trophy Earned: Pacifist(Make it through a level without shooting anyone.)(Silver)(Uncommon 33.81%)

--Trophy Earned: Yet Another Mystery(Find your first document)(Bronze)(Common 55.48%)

--Trophy Earned: Last word(Empty the Revolver using the alternative fire mode without missing any shots.)(Silver)(Uncommon 34.43%)

--Trophy Earned: Monster kill(Kill 4 enemies at once with the Bazooka.)(Silver)(Uncommon 30.81%)

--Trophy Earned: Expert Pilot(Escape the Canyons on a jet.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 41.70%)

--Trophy Earned: Finish him(Destroy the armor of a fully armored enemy, then kill him with a melee attack.)(Silver)(Uncommon 25.54%)

--Trophy Earned: Friendly neighbourhood(Swings from a grappling hookc to another 3 times without touching the floor.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.58%)

--Trophy Earned: Join the Creed(Stab 15 enemies from behind without being noticed.)(Silver)(Uncommon 30.22%)

--Trophy Earned: Not so secret now(Find the secret entrance to the Sanctuary.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.11%)

--Trophy Earned: Amateur Investigator(Find 5 documents )(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.55%)

--Trophy Earned: Made it!(Complete the campaign on medium difficulty)(Silver)(Uncommon 31.43%)

--Trophy Earned: Spring break(Crash everything at the beach house.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 29.33%)

--Trophy Earned: Boom! All dead!(Eliminate 3 or more enemies with one grenade.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 37.56%)

--Trophy Earned: Private eye(Find 10 documents.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 26.25%)

--Trophy Earned: Untouchable(Complete a level without being damaged.)(Gold)(Uncommon 29.62%)

--Trophy Earned: I know too much(Find 15 documents.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 24.80%)

--Trophy Earned: Get to the choppa(Complete the Sanctuary cliff section in under 3 minutes.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 26.52%)

--Trophy Earned: Catch them all(Find all collectible items.)(Gold)(Uncommon 24.06%)

--Trophy Earned: Now I understand(Find all the documents.)(Gold)(Uncommon 24.42%)

--Trophy Earned: That was easy!(Complete the campaign on easy difficulty)(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.47%)

--Trophy Earned: Get good(Die more than 25 times.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 38.41%)

--Trophy Earned: Authentic XIII Agent(Complete the campaign on the highest difficulty.)(Gold)(Uncommon 26.66%)

--Trophy Earned: Ultimate XIII(Obtain all the trophies of the game.)(Platinum)(Uncommon 23.53%)


Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War(PS4)



--Trophy Earned: Jack of All Trades(Get five kills each with an LMG, SMG, AR, and Shotgun.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.53%)

--Trophy Earned: Nowhere Left to Run(Complete Nowhere Left to Run in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Common 52.65%)

--Trophy Earned: Fracture Jaw(Complete Fracture Jaw in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 47.31%)

--Trophy Earned: Brick in the Wall(Complete Brick in the Wall in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 41.43%)

--Trophy Earned: Firing Range(Knock down 15 metal targets on Main Street in Redlight, Greenlight.)(Bronze)(Very Rare 8.33%)

--Trophy Earned: Redlight, Greenlight(Complete Redlight, Greenlight in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.53%)

--Trophy Earned: Patriot Arrow(Kill an enemy with the bow while ziplining in Echoes of a Cold War.)(Silver)(Very Rare 8.66%)

--Trophy Earned: Echoes of a Cold War(Complete Echoes of a Cold War in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 37.91%)

--Trophy Earned: Operation Chaos(Complete Operation Chaos in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 20.78%)

--Trophy Earned: Old Faithful(Kill 200 enemies with an AR.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 31.37%)

--Trophy Earned: Desperate Measures(Complete Desperate Measures in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 35.00%)

--Trophy Earned: Operation Red Circus(Complete Operation Red Circus in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 22.26%)

--Trophy Earned: End of the Line(Complete End of the Line in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 33.20%)

--Trophy Earned: The Red Door(Disobey Adler’s order to go through the door in Break on Through.)(Bronze)(Rare 13.10%)

--Trophy Earned: Break on Through(Complete Break on Through in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 32.45%)

--Trophy Earned: Ashes to Ashes(Complete Ashes to Ashes in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Rare 16.68%)

--Trophy Earned: Combat Recruit(Complete the Campaign on any difficulty.)(Silver)(Uncommon 31.65%)

--Trophy Earned: Keep Your Friends Close...(Perform Body Shield five times.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 34.00%)

--Trophy Earned: Scorched Earth(Destroy all enemy vehicles and mortar teams while defending Firebase Ripcord in Fracture Jaw.)(Bronze)(Very Rare 5.81%)

--Trophy Earned: Explosive Finish(Kill 12 enemies with explosive barrels while riding the server lift during Echoes of a Cold War.)(Bronze)(Very Rare 6.49%)

--Trophy Earned: EVERYONNNNNNEE!(Kill 25 enemies with the AC-130 while defending the rooftop in End of the Line.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 21.62%)

--Trophy Earned: Mind Trip(See all seven memory endings and play through all four path ends in Break on Through.)(Silver)(Very Rare 6.83%)

--Trophy Earned: Scorched Earth II(Blow up all trucks and guard towers on the approach to the monastery in The Final Countdown.)(Silver)(Very Rare 5.34%)

--Trophy Earned: The Final Countdown(Complete The Final Countdown in Campaign on any difficulty.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 29.15%)

--Trophy Earned: Combat Hardened(Complete the Campaign on Veteran or Realism difficulty.)(Gold)(Very Rare 8.83%)

--Trophy Earned: The Fixer(Get 200 Eliminations in Multiplayer.)(Bronze)(Common 74.21%)

--Trophy Earned: Mean Machine(Get 100 Kills as the driver, pilot, or passenger of a vehicle in Multiplayer.)(Gold)(Very Rare 7.48%)

--Trophy Earned: Calling It In(Get 50 kills with lethal Scorestreaks in Multiplayer.)(Silver)(Common 50.83%)


Cyberpunk 2077(PS4)


--Trophy Earned: The Fool(Become a mercenary.)(Bronze)(Common 94.59%)

--Trophy Earned: Right Back At Ya(Kill or incapacitate an enemy who threw a grenade at you.)(Bronze)(Common 65.68%)

--Trophy Earned: Two Heads, One Bullet(Kill or incapacitate 2 enemies with the same sniper rifle shot.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.63%)

--Trophy Earned: Must Be Rats(Perform the Distract Enemies quickhack 30 times without drawing attention to yourself.)(Bronze)(Rare 18.77%)

--Trophy Earned: Gunslinger(Shoot an enemy grenade in midair with a revolver.)(Bronze)(Rare 15.18%)

--Trophy Earned: Gun Fu(Kill or incapacitate 3 enemies in quick succession with a revolver or pistol in close combat.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 23.64%)

--Trophy Earned: True Soldier(Kill or incapacitate 300 enemies using ranged weapons.)(Silver)(Uncommon 39.30%)

--Trophy Earned: Christmas Tree Attack(Complete a Breach Protocol with a minimum of 3 daemons uploaded.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.36%)

--Trophy Earned: True Warrior(Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies using melee weapons.)(Silver)(Uncommon 29.00%)

--Trophy Earned: The Lovers(Steal the Relic.)(Bronze)(Common 69.28%)

--Trophy Earned: The Quick and the Dead(Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies while time is slowed.)(Bronze)(Rare 18.11%)

--Trophy Earned: Full Body Conversion(Install at least one implant in each system and body part.)(Bronze)(Uncommon 28.81%)

--Trophy Earned: Rough Landing(While Berserk cyberware is active, perform a Superhero Landing to kill or incapacitate 2 enemies.)(Bronze)(Rare 12.41%)

--Trophy Earned: Daemon In The Shell(Kill or incapacitate 3 enemies with one "Detonate Grenade" quickhack.)(Bronze)(Rare 14.41%)



Next up, First Half 2021. Rarity for many might not be accurate anymore.

Edited by Deae Rising Shine~


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