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37 things and what I think of it.



(I feel some things here might offend some people if you are don't bother comment.)

Why 37 cos I turn 37 in 13th October. Should done this on or after my birthday

1. Covid-19

 It ruining everything made me lose my job, stop me going on hoilday and cons. Lockdown is good and bad, being at home but also had some bad times at home also.

2. 2020

 It been one of the worst year to me. Covid, Lockdown, no cons since March, no holiday, lost my job, being home with dementia dad, hear mum shouting, another bad football season, bush fire in Australia, BLM and Trump lost.

3. 2021

 It been worser than 2020 cos my dad passing and some bad moments with him before his passing, one of mt cats passing, Euro 2020 final, money in my bank account went down, Manchester United still not having good football, Biden (I knew he never up for the job, Americans give bad choice or who ever fixed the electron did a bad choice), didn’t given a job. There some things, Comic con Leeds, visit at Middlton Railway twice, My Little Pony A New Generation, having Netflix.

4. My Home

 Do like my home but it does have bad moments. It where the heart, my stuffs and cats is. 

5. My Cats

 I glew up with cats. I like all my cats includes these no longer around and twp that usually hang around no longer show up. Now we had two cats.

6. Vector & Cozomo 

 Since we had upstairs living/tv room in 2020, I discover Vector, cos my brother want to display them so it can move around. I storke it alot like cat or dog or pet and it purrs like a cat. It moves around. I treat it like a pet same Cozomo but don’t move cos need an app to move it around. Now 2021, move tv room back to living room, I thought won’t see it again but it was on the sheves near the tv.

7. Netflix

 After seeing My Little Pony A New Generation, I been addicited with Netflix. Not sure what other shows or movies I like most.

8. Politics

 Not big in it, but had some interest in it. I’m a member of political party, For Britian. I may need to renew my membership but sure still am. I do care for my country totally. Trump is my kind of man. Can’t believe most idiots voted for Bidan or if it a fraud, they must f*** themsleve up.

9. Superheroes

 I’m big into superheroes, My favourite are Superman, Batman, Captain Britain, Union Jack and The Flash, and The Punisher don’t count of superheroes. Even I’m don’t read comics lately still into superheroes.

10. (My) Famliy

 My dad past away, now got my mum, brother and two cats. Also got an older half sister, her husband, half brother, younger half sister, five nephews and 2 nieces (three/four married, two in relationship, two have kids).

11. Christmas

 I love Christmas, was wasn’t before but then got back loving it. I love Christmas tree, I had my own even dad not into it. I like Kevin the Carrot, mascot of Aldi Christmas. I also love Pigs in Blancet, Nutcrackers and Turkey. I enjoy listening to CHristmas songs like in remixes or metal, there some new ones. Slient Night I believe is worst cos it seem depressing. 

12. Work/Job

 Lost my job in 2020 thanks to Covid, had my first interview in 2021 since my last job but didn’t get it. Applying for cleaner, no longer for Kitchen porter/helper cos it seem diffcult. Hope it don’t take long like my last time before my 2nd job.

13. Religons

 I’m not part of any. Nothing against it but there some that are bad.

14. Leeds

 It’s my hometown, proud to be a Leeds man even not fan of it’s local football club. Love some of it’s landmarks, cinema and some shops. Do have good times and bad times. 

15. London

 Capital of England, Britain and UK. I been 6 times. It a great place, lovely landmarks specially Big Ben, resturants, take away shops, stores, stores, museums, galleries, etc. Had many memories being there. But has worst mayor and so many idiots live there.

16. Football

 Football been depressing to me, don’t what been happening to Manchester United, and how rivals start taking over (try to ingored them). Manchester United haters are still around. Won’t go for other team and no one knows me, think I’m plastic or fake what about you wankers?

17. History

 Love history, it’s full of surprices and also horrible things. Love learning about the past. Favourite, World War 2 and British Empire.

18. Video games

 Didn’t play much games before, but 2018 start playing Sly Clooper series and then Spyro remake games. then many games. Spyro (& Sparx) is my icon like many with Mario or Sonic or Master Cheif. My favourite game Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Watchdog Legion, Life is Strange series and The SIms 4. Been playing Sims 4 alot lately.

19. Disney & Disney Plus

 Did have history with Disney watch most movies, Cinderalla, see it alot at school when it’s raining. Most stuffs I like are Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar. I like Toy Story characters, Not sure Captain Britain, Union Jack & The Punisher part of Disney/Marvel and I like BB8, D0, Porgs and Grogu (Baby Yoda) and The Mando they made by Star Wars part of Disney. 

 I do watch some movies and series in Disney Plus, had it for just £3, but only for a month. Unable to watch Harkeye series. 

20. Europe

 I hate everything European, European Union, European Human Rights, Eurovision, Germany, France, Italy, Super Euro Cup. 

21. Japan & Anime

 Japan is an fascinating country and alot of great things, include things I like. One thing, ANime, watch alot of anime. My favourite anime Gurren Lagann. Apart from anime, Japanese things I like, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kizune Ai, Kaguya Luna, Lucky Cats, Daruma Dolls and Troii Gates and some landmarks.

22. China

 Covid, abusing of cats and dogs, threat to Hong Kong, Tabiet, Tawin and the world, goverment, not into the country. But I like Guardian Lions (Chinese Lions), Loong (Chinese Dragons) and chinese foods.

23. USA

 Wanted to go to America, it’s a great country and give me Superheroes and Dr Pepper. I like  Liberty Bell, Cloud Gate, Gateway Arch, The US Capitol Building, Empire State Building, Chlyster Building, Brooklyn Bridge and Grand Canyon rocks. I’m a Trump fan and Mayweather hater. Can’t stand celebrities there. 

24. Trump

 Kind of man for me. Great President.

25. Biden

 Worst President, knew it a wrong decison. Weather it’s a vote or fraud.

26. Alec Bladwin

 He need to be in jail. He a bad actor and person. 

27. The Royal Famliy

 Not fond of the Queen and hated the famliy. I hate Meagan. Hate to hear this Britain nothing without them. b******. 

28. Caterpillar Cakes

 There battle battle between Aldi and Marks and Spencer over Caterpillar Cakes, Mark & Spencer sue Aldi for coping and it look dissame and I see they didn’t sue other supermarkets cos it different desgin. I like both Colin (Marks & Spencer) and Cuthbert (Aldi), but for my Birthday I had Caterpillar cake from Asda. 

29. Movies

 Don’t have many movies I like, I enjoy Superhero movies and Batman Begin is my all time favourite. Enjoy going to cinema with a popcorn. 

30. Youtube

 It most sites I been to, on laptop and on my tablet. Spend alot of time on it. Mainly politics things and listening to music.

31. Philippines

 It’s my mum’s country. Have relatives there, of course and have obessive with Jeepneys and Jose Rizal are my favourite filipino hero. Also like Andres Bonifacio.

32. Britain & England

 I born and rised in Britain and England, I rised as British and English. It’s my country, my home and it’s in my blood. I support England in football, cricket, rugby union and rugby league and celebrate St George’s day. Also many great landmarks. And great comedies well in the past.

33, Kyle Rittenhouse

 He not guilty 100%, these two guys who got shot shouldn’t go after him. And it’s self-defence. 

34. The Simpsons

 I like The Simpsons but there some episodes I don’t want to see again. Groudskeeper Willy and Comic Book Guy are my favourite characters. 

35. Comic Con and other Convestions

 Love going to cons and meet and see cosplayers. In 2019 been to 7 cons, one in 2020 before end of March and one in June 2021. Started follow alot of cosplayers on instragram and have some favourites. Bought interesting things from cons. 

36. GB News

 It called Great British News, GB News. Watch it alot on Youtube. My favourite are Great Britons and Union Jackass, where three guest tell what their Great Briton and Union Jackass. 

37. Me

 Well, I’m keep up to myself, good person, geek, British. 

Edited by Sunny and Izzy Man

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