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Top 10 Movies of 2021



(maybe spoilers)



1. My Little Pony A New Gerenation

Best I seen in 2021. Love Sunny and Izzy. Best in Nexflix in my opition.

2. Shang Chi

Best I seen in Cinema, Even I been negetive of China, but I was little interest in ancient China, like Chinese Dragons, Lions and foods.

3. Mitchells vs Machines

I enjoyed this movie never think I will, also feature furby and now I wanted a furby.

4. Love Live Movie

I know, I know, this wasn’t in 2021 but I watch it in 2021. Still loved as much as it series.

5. Ghostbusters Afterlife

Ecto-1, one of the Ghostbusters things I like, also proton pack, ghost trap and PKE Meter. ALso it emotional at the end, mistakly said to my brother.

6. Spider-Man No Way Home

Last movie (In Cinema) in 2021, good to see another superhero movie. Also little emoitonal at the end but some excitment.

7. Nobody

A guy knock down and got back up again. Awesome movie. Also something he got at the end. I forgot I seen this movie.

8. WishDragon

Another Chinese movie I enjoyed, and lovely ending.

9. Love Live Sunshine Movie

Enjoyed it, there secne which characters was in Italy, and it annoyed after Euro 2020 final. Lost interest in Italy. But movie is great. Again, I know movie was not aired 2021 but I watch in that year. 

10. Over the Moon

Chinese Lions (Guardian Lions)

Worst Movie: Space Jam A New Lagacy

Did not enjoyed it.


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