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Strange MLP G5 Dream



I had another strange pony-related dream last night. This time, it took place in the realm of G5 with everything animated Tell Your Tale style. Hitch had Sunny come up to him and tell him she needed him to call out for work for something she wanted all of her friends to do. For some reason, Hitch had a boss he needed to call to explain a situation to, and because he's a workaholic who had never called out of work before in this dream apparently, he stood by the phone the entire day hesitating nervously (yeah, the dream was trying to be a sitcom gag at first). When he finally plucked up the courage to make the callout, the boss, an old blue pony with white hair, started berating him, getting Hitch angry. And then for no reason, out of nowhere, Naruto was on the line yelling in this robotic voice, "I'M CALLING OUT! I FEEL NO EVIL!". Curious as I was to see what in the world was going to happen next, right then is when my phone alarm woke me up. 

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