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All Good Things …




Effective April 10th, by 9th anniversary of jointing this forum, I will be permanently stepping down as a Community Administrator here, and quietly riding off into the sunset as a member of this wonderful community. I’m taking measures so that my discord account will be inaccessible to me. Only four people on here have my current one. 

My time here as a member of MLPF was a remarkable one. I have met my closest friends, people who I will continue to engage long after I leave this site. Since 2015 I’ve worked hard in trying to soften moderation, create events, and promote an idea of being comfortable in your own skin on and off staff. Doing what you can to assist, even in small ways. I hope my legacy will be that I was at least fair. 

I will miss many of you. There is a list far too long to create of users over the last nine years that I enjoyed interacting with. I will keep my many memories close to my heart and soul and smile when I think of them. On my last day I will make one final post in the Rarity Fan Club and poof. 


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