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Origin of the divine and universe does not matter

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Alot of people including myself have always wondered what the origin of the universe or if some power created what we think and know to be quote "God" or whatever your religion calls it's divine. 

By "God" here I simply mean any divine figure that is considered key to your belief system so if you worship say Celestia or Ra or whoever else it would be the same thing really. I just don't list them all here because it would be a very very long list.

The truth is we can never know and probably will never be able to understand it as such matters are just beyond us.

And ultimately you just have to learn to accept things just kind of "are" in a way.

Sometimes mysteries of the past will always remain mysteries.

Maybe everything just always was?

It's not a bad question it's simply that it might be better to focus on the here and now where we can actually accomplish things as no power can alter the past. 






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I agree :) closest we can come to knowing about physical reality is from our senses and instruments, and they're pretty limited (altho there is some evidence for how the universe has progressed based on certain visual clues, like the seeming expansion of the distance between our stars and others).

We shouldn't get too distracted by focusing on the unknown and try to do what is in our power, like trying to be a good person. Christian scripture talks about the mystery of the world quite a bit (as you'd expect an ancient text to), but I always think its most powerful messages are directed at people doing what they can and not fussing over things that they can't understand too much eg Proverbs 4: 5Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not... 23Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

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