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About this blog

This is a blog to discuss MLP's religious and spiritual information in one source.

I had hoped to put into the forum but not enough were interested to make it worth while so I'm putting it into this blog.


the first and most obvious thing about MLP is the princesses which equates the power of the feminine or the creative side of existence.


I will put more in at s better time and if there is something you want to hear more of feel free to communicate any questions you may have. 

Entries in this blog

Indepth look at how the elements actually defeat evil and how this is practical for real life.

We've all seen in many MLP episodes Twilight, AJ, Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Dash all channel their energy into the elements of harmony creating a rainbow spiral in the series or in the case of rainbow rocks it creates a giant alicorn spirit energy...  First lets look at the mlp version then get to the EG version and yes btw before you ask it is a bit different but technically speaking the elements ARE there in EG.  The elements work by channeling the power of the soul based a six

Elements of harmony a basic guide.

A basic guide for spiritual understanding of what the MLP elements of harmony are and how they can be defined for our every day life.   Note that these are stated in any particular order with the exception of magic being  last. Let's start with the element of loyalty. What exactly is loyalty defined as here because it sounds simple enough by itself it just means you're loyal to your friends right? WRONG, that's not at all what the element is about. The element of loyalty

Origin of the divine and universe does not matter

Alot of people including myself have always wondered what the origin of the universe or if some power created what we think and know to be quote "God" or whatever your religion calls it's divine.  By "God" here I simply mean any divine figure that is considered key to your belief system so if you worship say Celestia or Ra or whoever else it would be the same thing really. I just don't list them all here because it would be a very very long list. The truth is we can never know and prob
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