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Universal laws explained.

Reiki Knight 13


(laws of life category)- The Law of Attraction- You attract whatever it is that your are focused on so if you focus on what you desire you get that if you focus on what you do not desire you get that as well.


The Law of Request- You have free will and as such nothing can come into your life to help or hurt unless you specifically request it.


The Law of Resistance- energy you fight against only serves to strengthen said energy and that is because your subconscious doesn't understand what a "negative" is nor "fictitious". So,  when you focus on something like "I hate being poor" what your subconscious hears is "Be poor" if you wish to remove a negative energy attachment you just flat out ignore it or focus on it's positive counter part.

in this case "I know there is still wealth to be made." 

The Law of Reflection- often what you see in other is a spiritual reflection of yourself. If you see others as dog lovers when you just lost your dog is a reflection of your feelings for that dog coming back to you.


The Law of Projection- very similar to the above but this one is more about how you consciously describe others and or features you attribute to them be they positive or negative could indeed be how you are describing yourself. If for example you think everyone is a jerk then maybe you think you are actually the jerk and your just projecting that feeling in others around you. Like wise if you think everyone is very nice then again you might be projecting that onto others.


The Law of Attachment- anything that you overly attached will only cause you harm and should be removed be it a person, an item etc. If for example your "friend" is constantly getting you involved in trouble and or belittling you down then sever that so called "friend" attachment to yourself. You only seek only healthy relations of growth not unhealthy attachments 


(Laws of creation)- The Law of Attention- whatever you are focused on the most is what you will attract the closest to you. So, if you desire something focus on JUST that something.

The Law of Flow- in order to gain something you must make room for the new by removing the old.

if you desire friendship you must remove the hate to make room for friendship. If you want "X" new game system but your gaming area is full you must remove an older system to give room for the new. 

keep the energy flow open in other words.


The Law of Abundance- There is no limit to what you can manifest nor is there a limit to the resources of the universe to fulfill your request.


The Law of Clarity- the clearer you are to the universe of what you want the better the overall outcome of getting it will be. 


The Law of Intention- focus on what your intention is to manifest that overall desire better. If you desire wealth because you wish to get a farm to live on the don't focus on wealth focus on the farm then.

The Law of Prosperity-  As you begin to better focus on what you desire then it will begin to build on itself. Your happiness feeds itself further and makes it easier to manifest things you desire.

The Law of Manifestation- You will manifest that which you attract the most consistently into your life.

The Law of Success- similar to the law of prosperity. When you fully align your intent, focus etc in balance with what you desire at a constant focus time and time again your life goals and desire will constantly succeed in life. Things will happen faster, more frequently etc etc.


(Laws of higher awareness)-The Law of Balance and Polarity- life is all about balance so if you have an imbalance in your life say you are ignoring friends then in order to move forward the universe will attempt to work with you to correct said imbalance first. If your relations with friends are unbalanced you might find that you get a lot of friendly people annoying you as the universe is trying to tell you that you need to fix that issue. 

The Law of Karma AKA Law of soul contract- you have an agreement for your soul to learn and develop on earth and as such some things of good or adversity will happen as worked out in advance in that agreement or "soul contract".  If for example you find you are a very masculine personality but your sex is female it could be that you as a normally masculine soul entered into an agreement to incarnate into a female body in order to better understand that experience. 

The Law of Reincarnation- an extension of the above law of karma which simply adds on if you fail to achieve the goal you desired in your agreement you will simply repeat a similar life experience until that agreement is fulfilled.

The Law of Responsibility- your life, attractions, attachments etc are the responsibility of YOU and YOU alone. If you choose not to fix your life, remove negative attachments etc then you take responsibility for the consequences of that.

The Law of Discrimination- take time to discern truth from fiction and do not believe all that you hear.

The Law of Affirmation- repetition of focus creates better manifesting so if you're wanting friendship and you repeatedly tell yourself how much you hate yourself, listening to songs about violence etc you are affirming those things in your life BUIUUT if you are doing just the opposite and giving your mind repetitive thoughts on loving yourself, your friends etc then it will affirm that instead.


The Law of Prayer- send your energy out with the intent clearly or rather in simple terms pray with your heart.

The Law of Meditation- take a moment every now and then to work with your subconscious and clear your mind. . The Law of Challenge- you have the right to challenge information presented to you.


(Laws of higher frequency)- The Law of Frequency or Vibration- all energy has its own unique frequency or "radio station" if you will. The more you match your own frequency to what you desire the easier it is to attract and like wise the less your energy matches the harder it is attract. 

If you want Pink Floyd music but you tuning into the Jazz radio station you ain't getting Pink Floyd music. You HAVE to tune into a rock station for that. Same principle here.


The Law of Miracles- do not worry about the "how" aspect of attract. The universe will always make the impossible happen.

The Law of Healing- always take time to heal and purify your energy of any unwanted negative emotions, attachments, negative thoughts etc. 

The Law of Purification- the purer your energy the better you will manifest and likewise if you have many negative thoughts, cloudy or darkened energy etc then it will be much harder.

The Law of Perspective- always keep in mind that your perspective on things may not always be what is actually happening. Real life example of myself I once ended up losing a job and at first it seemed that it was a negative outcome BUT I ended up stumbling upon a far greater job as a result of this. 

So, some times things happen for a greater purpose outside of your perspective but not the universe's.


. The Law of Gratitude- express your gratitude for the things in your life as it helps create a more positive and higher energy vibration level for you.

The Law of Blessings- understand that the universe is very generous and will always give MUCH of you are manifesting. Or more to the point the higher and healthier your vibrational frequency the faster things will manifest and likewise the lower it is the slower things will happen.

. The Law of Decree- That which you declare of others or yourself is the strongest statement you tell the universe. The two most powerful words for affirmation are "I am" because ANYTHING following that is your declaration of yourself. So, if you say " I am weak" you just declared yourself as weak. Same thing the other way if you declare yourself as strong "I am strong" you declare yourself as strong.  This is why certain phrases should be avoided or redone. For example never say "I am sorry" because you JUST said "I am A sorry individual" instead say "I apologize." 

word phrasing and word choice DOES matter 

The Law of Faith- Trust in the universe to bring to you what you need. The Law of Grace- learn to accept and always forgive yourself and others. Love yourself and accept yourself first and foremost.


. The Law of One- everything is connected and I mean EVERYTHING. Your actions for or against others will always affect you because what you say or do on others is really just you doing that to yourself. 


I think I explained those fairly well but if not let me know.


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