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Should I start an AMA?

Should I start an AMA?  

7 users have voted

  1. 1. Should I do an AMA

    • yes
    • no
    • I'm confused lol
    • how many answers can I pick? It's multiple choice so I don't know
    • wait so how many choices can I add? Is there a limit?
    • It keeps going
    • and going
    • and it might stop but I'm not sure
    • ok this is 10 choices so I will stop here because I don't want to break something yet but I'll try later on

Yeah I've actually never done an AMA before anywhere. I'm very weird in a chaotically chaotic way so I really don't know if anyone would be interested in an AMA by me. Also if I do start one, I honestly don't know how my answers would be. Like sometimes I joke around and other times I'm serious, it depends on my mood, what question is being asked, and a few other things. So yeah please vote and don't worry about the options I put on the poll (I got carried away XD), like I'll only base my decision off the "yes" and "no" answers. And also I don't know if I'll start an AMA even if there is more "yes" than "no" answers because it might make me nervous lol.

EDIT: I noticed that there are actually only 9 options but for some reason when I created this, it skipped option 3 because I deleted it, so it's labeled options 1-10 with the 3rd option? Yep that's what happened I guess.

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