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10 Things I think of when its comes to Disney



It’s 100 anniversary of Disney, I put 10 instead of 100 cos I can’t think of more than 10.


10. Cinderella

I never liked this movie but at school when it rainy day and too wet to play outside, we stay indoor watching video, they keep putting Cinderella on alot, it annoying. Sure they have many video and they keep having Cinderella on. Not sure about many time they did but remember one time a year before I left for other school they decide to put Tom and Jerry, which is just as worse. Remember that Fairy God mother singing.


9. Walt Disney

A guy who invited Disney company. A Legend. There rumor he’s a nazi cos he was against Unions. It just rumor. But wonder what he think of Disney of today?


8. Mickey Mouse

It started with a mouse. I prefer him over Bugs Bunny. Even seen a documenty of him. I hardly see much cartoons of him but he’s an icon. I remember a teacher draw a picture of Mickey Mouse for me.


7. DisneyWorld/Land

I never been but love to go to Disney World. I see alot of people been to Disney land or Disney world. Shame castle at Disney World not open to public like ones in Disneyland, but it was used for posh hotel and hired Venue (where it hired for wedding or something) I believe they f****d up. It iconic, should used for Public instead of just being there for display. I may prefer seeing Millennium Falcon. Would of got to Disneyland Paris maybe cos it in a country next my country (UK) but prefer DisneyWorld in USA.


6. Dinosaur

When I had our PC, I start going on internet and there site talking about movies and there upcoming movie called Dinosaur. It release in USA but took few month before it premier in UK. At time I unable go to cinema as I’m a high schooler. My mum got making of Dinosaur video from goven tokens to some newspaper. It took times before it release on video and saved up my pocket money to buy it. When college I start getting it on DVD. I remeber to someone at high school, he did make fun.


5. Princess Elsa and Anne

Used to into them when Forzen was big and it used to be part of British Christmas. Even bought two dolls. But seem I glow out of it.


4. Toy Story

Since first movie when out it was big. I wanted to watch and I already love these characters, they are lovable characters even to these who never seen it yet. There a English local newspaper even did an article about “Parents like Woody and children prefer Buzz” and even say Woody act like dad. I like both along with Slinky dog and Green Army Soldiers and RC Car. Used to dislike Bo Beep but she okay and she Woody’s love interest. Happy he with her at Toy Story 4. Are squeals are great. Not fan of Starrberry Bear, he’s an a***, he almost got the gang to be burned.


3. Marvel

Well, I was shock to see Disney bought Marvel. On that day I wonder what they do. I do hope for Captain Britain or Union Jack movie or tv show. And also new Punisher show or movie, cos they’re my favourite Marvel characters. Avengers movie are awesome. Looking forward for new Deadpool and even I dislike them, what be their X-Men or Fantastic Four be like. Also like Goose the cat.


2. Star Wars

I was also shock they got Star Wars as well they had Marvel. Well, if this haven’t happen there be no BB8, Porgs, D-0 and Grogu (Baby Yoda). Was big Star Wars fan, but wasn into it but when BB8 come along I big interests in Star Wars. I do think I’m a Star Wars fan or a BB8 fan. Everyone has it’s favouites. Of course BB8 is my favourite, along with D-0, Porgs, Grogu and BD-1, also like Boba Fret, Din/Mando and Stormtrooper. I was hoping for Boba Fret movie, but series ok, but they got some negative. I do enjoyed Andor surpricely.


Wanted to add, we do watched alot of Disney animated classic movies (almost all of them) and even Disney cartoons, like DuckTales and Tail Spin. When I was young I wanted my own Disney like company like it has cartoons and movies I like, theme park that like Disney land/World, it nuts I know but I was young. What happen to Disney now is upsetting with classic turn to action live and wokeness/politics into the company.


1. Sox (Lightyear)

Maybe it something to do with cats or something. When Lightyear come out I took interest with this character. I see the movie kinda of a flop to some or most. I warch this movie few times cos of Sox, to me best thing about this movie. I see in Youtube before I see Lightyear, show Sox got stomp on I was little upset about but when saw the movie it was different Sox, but sad that Sox got killed off. He’s my favourite Disney character.

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