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Some words about my cat



I guess he feels comfortable like that...


This is my cat, Zigzag. He's been living with me for around eighteen years. We haven't always been the best of friends. When my mom brought him home unannounced, I wasn't too excited. I didn't like animals in general, and he was rather unfriendly. You couldn't pet him or hold him, and he kept biting and scratching people. It took years of building trust before he calmed down. Somehow, I became his favorite member of the family. He was always waiting for me when I was coming home from school. I was the only one who could pet him without getting scratched. He started hanging around me a lot. These days, he sleeps on my bed every day and sits on my lap when I play games. I can't imagine life without him. :rarity:



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Wow, this was just part of a dare .... and I had no idea it would actually enrich my life a little more in getting to know you and your little fluffy friend better. This was precious :(
Time for me to do my own thingy, as well. Thank you for reminding me, lovely. Now... *hands you the torch* Your turn to truth or dare someone who is willing <3 

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