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Hasbro's final year on Discovery Family



Over 2 years ago, Hasbro's contract with Discovery Family was supposed to end so that they could move on to streaming, but the company itself made a horrible move and decided to stay on Discovery Family. This resulted in G4 content of My Little Pony gradually losing streaming options. But now that Hasbro Entertainment is no longer associated with Entertainment One and Make Your Mark has ended, there should be a better chance that G4 will come back to Netflix and finally leave Discovery Family for good next year.

This in turn will also allow the 2019 EG specials and Rainbow Roadtrip finally getting Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Castilian Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish dubs, since the YouTube channels obviously won't upload any of them.

And of course, we can't forget the Friendship is Forever miniseries; Discovery Family still has to air that before Hasbro leaves for good. If all goes well, that miniseries should air by around 2025, within the first three months of that year. As long as the channel doesn't go back to Season 1 on weekday mornings, and Season 9 also stops airing on weekends at some point, the Friendship is Forever miniseries should be wide open for a broadcast.

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