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Snowy Night (Spoilers/Summary)

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It is likely that what I write here will have a very small viewership. An even smaller number of those interested enough to comment. What I read tonight was enough to make me cry, because it's something so unbelievably wholesome yet very deep.


For as short as this story was, it's a lot to unpack. Snowdrop created the first winter, every snowflake she touched with her hooves and had a hand in making. The winter was her way of immortalizing her existence, so that she would always be with her friend Luna - who became Nightmare Moon. Luna believed she would never see Snowdrop again, because Snowdrop passed away over 1000 years ago. Her family line continues on into Fluttershy and Derpy. Snowdrop is blind, yes, but has a sense of hearing far beyond every other pony. The pony who loved Luna's night the most, couldn't see the stars, but hear them. 

Luna wished upon the snow to see her friend one last time, and in her dreams, it happens. Snowdrop's blindness is gone in the dream, but it's actually her. Snowdrop then tells Luna that all the snow in the world is recycled and re-used for the next snow season. At the end of it all, they see each other one last time. Despite this, Snowdrop is inferred upon to have access to some deeper level of magic that neither Celestia or Luna know about. After all, Snowdrop changed the face of the world so drastically in her actions, she can do the impossible. Despite that, the Impossible has it's limits. 

Snowdrop is alive in every snow that comes. 

Snowdrop as a character takes me to a time where I was fully innocent, and also something deeper within myself I can't quite explain. Snowdrop has always meant a lot to me, and will forever be in my heart as my favorite fan created OC in the fandom. It is something so sacred I can't quite put into words. 

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