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The New and the Old - ode to Austraeoh and Beyond

I haven't made a blog entry in a while, and I figured now was the time to make it. The past few days, and month as a whole have been the most productive and turbulent of the year to date. I have finished Austraeoh (the whole series on fimfic https://www.fimfiction.net/user/32973/Imploding+Colon ) - it has taken me since late October of 2021 but now I find myself here. If none of you know what Austraeoh is, it is a story in which Rainbow Dash is sent out of Equestria on a mission east to rea


Over the past 2 days I have had some interesting and long drawn out dreams. I think they would be interesting to read... Yesterday's: I had a dream where it started at my school. My school was in some form of anarchy but nobody took things too far. I was in the english classroom section of the school and I asked someone I sort of know : "Can you de gauze the transporter pad with a P polaron stabilizer?" he said "Sure" and went into my classroom and started doing that. I went down to th



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