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Snow Sparkle (Summary/Spoilers)

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/122940/snow-sparkle This is an AU in which Twilight and Shining have their daughter, who looks a lot like Snowdrop. The story started off with Snowdrop passing away at an elderly age, and then going into a scene in which Snow Sparkle had been born, evidently a reincarnation of Snowdrop - as implied. Snow Sparkle cannot hear, or speak - she is mute and deaf, a different limitation than Snowdrop. I thought that was very interesting for the story.  T

Menace to Propriety (Spoilers/Summary)

This was definitely a good read, but will probably be the last Diamond Tiara/Silver Spoon/Spoiled Rich fanfic I will read for a while. It was well worth it, and had it's adorable moments. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/409288/menace-to-propriety Full summary I wrote for it here: Diamond Tiara is at some wedding party and sees cupcakes, she is hungry and wants to eat some - and tries to sneak them away without being noticed, but Spoiled Rich notices and tells her to put the

Snowy Night (Spoilers/Summary)

It is likely that what I write here will have a very small viewership. An even smaller number of those interested enough to comment. What I read tonight was enough to make me cry, because it's something so unbelievably wholesome yet very deep. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/122674/snowy-night For as short as this story was, it's a lot to unpack. Snowdrop created the first winter, every snowflake she touched with her hooves and had a hand in making. The winter was her way of immortali

Diminishing Returns (Summary/Spoilers)

https://www.fimfiction.net/story/383493/diminishing-returns --- Was feeling rather motivated to read another one in the series so I read through it last night and earlier today. Have to say, the author of these really knows how to write these characters.    Most people have the impression that Spoiled Rich is some evil self absorbed pony who wants more wealth than she can get. This simply isn't true. Look at her cutie mark. A wedding ring. It is logical to think that her j

And Yet, What Riches Still Await (Summary/Spoilers)

This is going to be a new thing I do from now on when I read, I'll leave summaries here for those interested. In the same vain as the Silver Standard, we have the point of which Spoiled Rich and Filthy Rich meet for the first time. Important to realize that Spoiled Rich in this line of fics, is Diamond's stepmom. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/317029/1/and-yet-what-riches-still-await/midnight-a-rendez-vous You can read my comment on the fic, but I'll also put it here. ---

The Silver Standard (Spoilers/Summary)

I have read lots of stories. Usually with combat, heavy world building, and deep lore. I had gotten a sudden interest in Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara one day in November, and found this story shortly after on a random whim and just decided to dedicate myself to it wholeheartedly. It has taken me a long time to fully absorb it's information. This story is all about change. Change is inevitable. People grow and change. The characters in this story certainly have. Silver grew to appreciate Ponyvi

Forgiving the past to Forge the future - (2023 Retrospective)

Well, it is that time of year again. The year will soon be over. 2023 was a mixed bag. It can best be summarized by high success but also a long road of issues along the way. There were many wrongs I righted this year in my opinion from previous years. I fixed a few friendships that went sour in previous years and it turned out okay in the end. If I had known that it wouldn't have been that hard to fix, I would have stuck to my word and fixed it a lot sooner. 2023 was a year of a lot o

Props Valroa

Props Valroa in 2023

7 Years on MLP Forums!

I didn't do one of these last year, but I remembered this year. I didn't see it coming until I saw the date. November 10th. On November 10th, 2016 I first joined the MLP forums. Back then the forums were quite more active and I look upon my entry into the forums with fond, nostalgic zeal. I miss how things used to be, honestly. Seeing the constant noise, activity, and tons of people posting on the forums made me feel like I was joining something full of blustering experiences and potential. Now

Crystal Ponies and their importance to me

For over 7 years of interest in the MLP fandom, I realize now that there has always been one constant in the back of my mind. It was my love of Crystal Ponies and the various fan works involving them. For years, the main interest of MLP for me was the villains. But it was always Sombra who intrigued me the most - as well as Chrysalis. Now, what a lot of people don't realize about me when I first joined the fandom, I was already very active in reading fimfictions in 2016 when I first joined. One

Change of Nature

This is going to be a paraphrased / shortened repost of someone else's words that I have found interesting enough to share.  ---- Change of Nature. Wash, rinse, repeat. There is your consciousness, and everything else. Your consciousness is the ‘you’ that is understanding these words, but not the being that is reading them. It’s a little bit complicated. You are Consciousness. Everything that is not your consciousness, that is, everything of which you may becom

The future

There are a few clips from Star Trek, that really got to me today. I am not sure if I have the words to describe how I am feeling at the moment. For those interested, I'd like you to watch them. The reason why I like Star Trek is for it's moral quandaries and deep questions. But also deep emotions.   There is also another one from a completely separate show that got to me the other day, that I find worthy of sharing. The important bit is Trip and how he exp

Props Valroa

Props Valroa in The future

Planetary Definitions

In order by Distance, Rotation Period, and Orbital Period. This is a proposal for planets of the solar system according to my definition. Objects below 250 kilometers are not considered planets unless they have ring systems. The objects above 250 kilometers and located within the Outer Planets only include more widely known objects. There are plenty more, but exact specifications of them are not as widely known, thus they are not included (there may or may not be exceptions to this). This is as

Props X Roarke

Felt like writing a short thing here based off of the Austraeoh series. An alternative shipping between Props and Roarke, two major characters of the story. Pretty off the cuff, I wrote this on the spot at nearly 2AM. Hope it's a good thought for what it's worth. --- Props was alone in the engine room of the Noble Jury. Or "Nancy Jane's Womb" as Floydien referred to it as. She sat there, her gaze looking upon a certain book that was within the glowing red threshold. Her eyes laid trans

Props Valroa

Props Valroa in Props X Roarke

2022 and the Road Beyond.

Rarely do I ever feel the need to make status updates or public announcements about how I'm feeling or what I've been up to in life, but I suppose since it's the end of the year, I'll take some time to really collect my thoughts. I have a loving family, good home life, friends who are there to support me. My support structure has only improved throughout 2022. I killed off the "Starforce/Starlight" identity, as to me, that was something that represented the past - a past I no longer want to be m

History of Equestria (AU)

The founders of the Equestrian Monarchy were King Helios and Queen Nocturne. After the two alicorns revealed their presence to the warring four tribes (Earth ponies, Crystal Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns), they showed the four tribes the concepts such as unity. You know how this story goes, the four tribes all agree and stop fighting and the Windigoes are banished by the power of friendship. Many years wear on, Canterlot itself is founded by the two alicorns of the Sun and the Moon. Many Equ

The New and the Old - ode to Austraeoh and Beyond

I haven't made a blog entry in a while, and I figured now was the time to make it. The past few days, and month as a whole have been the most productive and turbulent of the year to date. I have finished Austraeoh (the whole series on fimfic https://www.fimfiction.net/user/32973/Imploding+Colon ) - it has taken me since late October of 2021 but now I find myself here. If none of you know what Austraeoh is, it is a story in which Rainbow Dash is sent out of Equestria on a mission east to rea


Over the past 2 days I have had some interesting and long drawn out dreams. I think they would be interesting to read... Yesterday's: I had a dream where it started at my school. My school was in some form of anarchy but nobody took things too far. I was in the english classroom section of the school and I asked someone I sort of know : "Can you de gauze the transporter pad with a P polaron stabilizer?" he said "Sure" and went into my classroom and started doing that. I went down to th

Props Valroa

Props Valroa

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