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Snow Sparkle (Summary/Spoilers)





This is an AU in which Twilight and Shining have their daughter, who looks a lot like Snowdrop. The story started off with Snowdrop passing away at an elderly age, and then going into a scene in which Snow Sparkle had been born, evidently a reincarnation of Snowdrop - as implied. Snow Sparkle cannot hear, or speak - she is mute and deaf, a different limitation than Snowdrop. I thought that was very interesting for the story. 

The part that gets me was how for some reason they believed it was okay to leave a filly without hearing up on a mountain all by herself, as Snow Sparkle was made to live on a cabin far above Canterlot on the mountain. I don't understand that, it feels like they were imprisoning her so she could find her "Destiny" rather than it being something that Snow Sparkle chose. I don't like that. While this is all Snow Sparkle has ever known, it doesn't strike me as morally acceptable to leave a child up there all alone. I don't think that Twilight or the other Princesses made a good decision here, not at all. The ending was beautiful, but, I still can't help but feel it was just cruel how Snow Sparkle was made to be isolated, likely against her will.

The cottage and the cabin is cozy sounding, though, I can understand the setting if this was some sort of seasonal thing to where Twilight and Snow Sparkle would come to the cabin and spend a few nights by themselves, but just sending a filly up on the mountain to fend for herself, without her loving parents, or her family? Cruel. Snowdrop wasn't isolated from her family for some reason to "Find her Destiny", which doesn't make any sense.

I don't dislike this story though. It was relaxing to read, but the implication felt like Snow Sparkle was imprisoned on the mountain all alone until she would "discover" herself. Maybe I was reading it wrong, but, I am glad that Snow Sparkle found her purpose here. 

A cozy cabin in the mountains sounds nice though...

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