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The Flutter Pony

Flutter Pony


Hello, fellow bronies :D


After that little intro, I think I should start by describing the original and my own version of a flutter pony~


Ok, first of all, here's a flutter pony. An original one.



I'm sure I don't need to explain the characteristics of a G1 pony. I'll just point out the differences.

  • G1 flutter ponies are smaller in size compared to a normal pony. Unlike an earth/unicorn/pegasus pony, flutters are thin and have a more delicate complexion.
  • Their legs are longer and thinner.
  • The snout is a bit smaller.
  • Its whinnies (according to a Spanish version of the movie) have a higher pitch than normal whinnies
  • Queen Rosedust (the leader of the flutter ponies) has a small version of her cutie mark on her cheek. (Some toys depict the same characteristic. E.g, Peach Blossom).
  • Flutter ponies are mostly known fo their wings, which look like tiny transparent butterfly wings (and make a twinkling noise when they're beating) that disperse tiny shimmery sparkles called flutter dust. This dust is the only known cure for Smooze (a villain in the movie that causes anger and rudeness). The speed of the wingbeat is faster than that of a pegasus, similar to a butterfly. Also, these wings are useless when wet, and according to toy bacstories, the flutter of the wings brings good luck.
  • Most are named after flowers and plants (there ARE exceptions, according to the toys)
  • There are no known male flutter ponies (don't ask me how they reproduce. Osmosis? XD)
  • Although meek, flutter ponies are hardy when fighting.

Aaaand, here's my own version of a flutter pony, all G4'd:



Like I said, I made a few twitches here and there to match my personal likes but still stick to the basics of what makes a flutter pony a flutter pony.These are the general characteristics:

  • Just like G1, my version says of the same proportion to a normal pony: smaller, thinner, and with long legs.
  • I gave her a hairdo. Most G1 flutter ponies in the show had a curly short mane. To keep a close resemblance, I picked her mane into a bun, which also has a reason.
  • Even though her bangs are covering it, her forehead has 3 white dots. I did not wish to include the small cutie mark on her cheek, and instead gave her 3 freckles that are also characteristic in my Flutter Ponies.
  • Cutie mark, as always. No difference here.
  • The eyes are now almond-shaped. Just as crystal ponies have a different eye, flutters might as well have something different too. Shaped somewhat lik Rarity's minus the long lashes. Even males have this feature.
  • The wings are bigger now, pointy and double (G1 had only a wing on each side), like a fairy. Males have single wings. Now instead of just simply "removing smooze", they gained a more complex explanation. These transparent wings are covered with shimering "dust", which is shed constantly and renews itself quickly. The dust, which are really minuscule scales, is a powerful antidote to any poison (making allusion to Smooze, as this purple goop is kinda like poison to the soul) with the exception of basilisk poison (unless it's made into dragon wine. Explanation will come in time). Also useless if wet.
  • Every flutter family has a business. They are all named after anything related to it.
  • Flutter dust is traditionally colorless. Only the "queen" has a different colored dust, which is gold (making allusion to pixies, although only kings create golden pixie dust).
  • Their bones are lighter because they are slightly hollow.

Female characteristics:

  • Slightly smaller than males. Have a rounder and smaller snout.
  • Their mane is traditionally picked up into any type of hairdo, usually a bun. Every family has a way of dressing up the females' mane. They are decorated elegantly in special events.
  • The tail is abnormally long.
  • They have a set of double wings that make a high-pitched faint bell-like sound when beating.

Male characteristics:

  • Bulky upon the chest and slightly bigger than females.
  • Their legs start out thin but thicken slightly as they reach the hoof.
  • Their snout is wider and square-ish.
  • A single set of wings, which are longer and thinner, but equally strong, and beat as fast as a hummingbird's wings, making a faint low-pitched hum when beating.
  • No restrictions on the tail or mane.

So far that's about it, my pals :3 I'll start working on the next set of data~

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Recommended Comments

I've gotta say - the original Flutterponies in the picture toward the top look significantly cuter than most of what I've seen from the G1 era, which is admittedly not a whole lot. 


Given that we've stumbled upon crystal ponies in the show (albeit significantly different than the early generation equivalents that I've seen) I wonder if there's any chance that something similar to these will appear at some point in FiM? Might be interesting to see what the present production team does with them,  in that case.


Also, I've gotta say - that picture you made of the G4 style Flutterpony concept is very well done. You should consider posting that in the art section of Octavia's Hall for a bit of extra exposure - I think it very easily deserves it.


Interesting stuff so far, at any rate. A lot of fan species seem to veer off into the... slightly silly side of things, to be honest, so something with a bit more thought put into it like this is a welcome change of pace.

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It is an enourmous honor to recieve compliments from you, Zoop~ I truly appreciate your words.


Yes, I have been waiting quite a while for FiM to add or make an allusion to flutter ponies, but I guess the closest they've gotten were the crystal ponies (although the wings Rarity had in "Sonic Rainboom" seemed like a nod towards them). MLPFiM has made interesting changes to the show though, and have much more sense and continuity than the previous generations, which usually only spoke of overly sweet or joyous issues. And OH thank God there are no more humans involved in this. Anyway, it would be nice if they took the time to develop a more complex story, similar to the way I want to do so, to flutter ponies if they decide to throw them in.


Again, thank you. That is actually the first picture I posted as a member. There are 2 or 3 more around there,

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You give my compliments too much credit. :lol:


You make a good point about Rarity's wings - I hadn't even thought of that at all. ^^


I have little doubt that FiM's crew could do a fairly good job with the flutter ponies - moreso if they were to be featured prominently in a two-parter, similar to how the crystal ponies were introduced. Trying to shove the introduction of a new and unique race into a single episode... well... probably wouldn't go too well. x)


You know, I really should have checked your posted topics before I made that suggestion. x_x


Have some brohoofs for good art.

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