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  1. I'm not entirely certain which of us would be worse off were we to share a telepathic link... but given that I don't find myself randomly having flashes of pony navels popping into my brain, I can't help but think it a bit unlikely. o3o o hey. i remember u.
  2. I mean, I get email notifications when someone mentions me, sooo... :T
  3. WWolf

    I’m in need of a shazbotologist. Considering coming out of retirement :wacko: ?

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    2. Zoop


      Make it three weeks and we might be able to work something out.

    3. WWolf


      I'll need to check with my higher ups :huh: .

      *calls self*


      ok sure :wacko: . You're in high demand :proud: 

    4. Zoop


      cue becomingpopular.mp3

      Excellent, we have an accord GQoxDzy.gif

  4. I've... I've still got it?
  5. Zoop


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    2. Zoop



      It goes good!!!! I went to school and now I make good moneys and life is comfortable. 

      I'm glad to hear it! 

      What sorta work did you end up in? fluttershy_happy_by_angelishi.gif.7dcdb4aef092a697e0101895239e21a6.gif


      How you?

      Mm, as well as can be for 2020. NSg2gmg.gif

      As much as an extreme introverted shut-in that I am, remaining diligent with regards to covid considerations after nearly an entire year has definitely taken a bit of a toll, to say nothing of the political climate around the nation and everything else that the year has thrown at everyone. I actually moved across state lines right before things blew up with the virus, as well.

      All in all... been an eventful year to put it mildly. 0/10, would not repeat.


      It is always nice to see such friendship here on the forum!

      Friendship is magic, after all.


      No room, I want everyone to see

      H-how forward. bRyeOfi.gif

    3. Shiki


      Yeah I'm lucky that my 2020 kinds just went well. And like I got a new job during this covid crap anyway. So many people are struggling now it's so sad ):

    4. Zoop


      I mean, in the grand scheme of things I'm honestly doing pretty damn well over here - no financial concerns or anything of the sort, worst I've had to deal with have really just been inconveniences at the end of the day... which is definitely something worth keeping in mind tbh.

      ...and it's all the more reason to celebrate the things that have gone well this year, like that job tbh

  6. Flattered as always. (and it does kinda make sense, I always was the cutest motherfucker around. )
  7. careful now, I bruise easily o3o
  8. Shit like this makes me feel old props for keeping the site going as long as it has.
  9. Jeric

    I helped bring back Arty and CD into the fold with some other ex-Admins. 

    @~C. Discord~ “Hold my cider” 

    GG Bug Lord! GG. 

    Howya doing? Have you gotten around to Symphony of the Night Yet?

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    2. Zoop


      Still going strong, in fact! Fifth anniversary is coming up in December 👀

      The final Bronycon? Is the show wrapped up? Is there a new generation coming? Is Them’s Fightin’ Herds out? Did Fluttershy become an alicorn? Did they ever do a crossover with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? :0

      Bug... boi...?

    3. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      Last season is half over, final BCon is this year, gen 5 has been confirmed in some capacity but absolutely no details yet, and Fluttershy and Discord married and now rule Equestria.

      I am a bug boi, for my new OC is a changeling. The changelings became good because they realized Chryssie was a bitch who didn't have thier best interests at heart. Basically the climax from the Lion King 2, except there was no dramatic rain storm fight scene. 

    4. Zoop


      Glad to hear, regarding Gen 5. I think it’s time for a new start tbh. I hope they go for a completely fresh setting and don’t try to crib too much from FiM. 

      How have activity levels here been, as the series has started to wind down?

  10. c'mon man gimme a break D:
  11. Zoop

    > Plummy


    Holy carp. I was kind of wondering, but I remembered that you'd been banned way back. 😅

    How have you been?

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    2. Zoop


      Oh, uh, I should probably mention that I’ve been on hormones for three years now, myself 😌

      (which I don’t think many - if any - people here know 👀)

    3. Shiki


      oh my GOD everyone i've ever talked to has turned TRANS

      well that's me assuming, some people take hormones but don't transition and whatnot

      I'm only 14 months into hormones, but 12 months of that was with testosterone levels too high so basically I'm more like 2 months in ugh. I don't have much hope tbh but I just keep trekking regardless. My resolve knows no bounds, and there's really no other option anymore anyway. 

      Wtf though I can't be your wife now ;-; But still I'm happy for you for reals. But also WOW KEY GEAR I remember them. Damn... This world is wild yo...

      I'm so glad to catch up with you though, I always liked you and thought you were a coolio senpai uwu. I've also caught up with Bari and Jinx from this place and apparently they were dating and now I'M DATING THEM TOO????? This world, yo, this world... What the heck is happening

    4. Zoop


      The transness is everywhere 👀

      And Bari and Jinx? :0

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