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From: Season 4: Predictions & Hopes

Prince Umbra


Should this become a episode?  

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  1. 1. Should this become a episode?

    • YES!!!
    • No!?

They should make a episode called "Battle for Equestria" in the next Season. They kill off Discord (I see no point of him even being on the show) -no offense if you actually read that Discord. And we see Celestia and Luna suit up. Luna has grey armor and Celestia has gold. And they fight against this guy called Cyrax Destroyer of Worlds, while Twilight and the others are busy in Manehaten. So it's just a Luna and Celestia episode. >.< Epicness awaits if they actually use this idea. I really hope they do. Probably as a season finally or the start of the season -most likely it would be used as the season finally. ^.^ And in part 2 Twilight and her friends come back, and try to use the EoH to defeat Cyrax, but he crushes the EoH into dust. They have to combine and use their own special talents to defeat Cyrax once and for all.

Behoof this if you think this will be one EPIC episode!!! :D

Source: Season 4: Predictions & Hopes


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