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Top 10: Twisted animated Villains



To all of you who spend time reading these blogs, you have no idea how thankful I am that you allow me to continue to present onto you these reviews and blogs. PLEASE let me know if you would prefer reading the entire blog post here and then be given the WPM link at the bottom, or if these half-blogs (finish at the website) is okay.



Top Ten: Most Twisted Animated Villains


Every movie has a villain but it is those villains that are the most twisted, most demented, and most psychotic that leaves a lasting impression. All throughout our childhood we were introduced to some of the greatest villains in cinematic and animated history. This list encompasses the ten of the cruelest villains to have ever existed. They may not be the most powerful or the most competent, but in the end, they are truly the most sadistic and twisted villains that we have ever seen.



Number 10: Darla Dimple (Cats Don't Dance)


Speaking of people who torture animals we turn to Darla Dimple. While it may be strange seeing a 9-year old on a list of psychopaths, it only takes one viewing of the film for you to realize just how sick she really is. In the public’s eye, Darla Dimple is nothing more than a sweet, loving, doll of a little girl. Behind closed doors, however, she turns into a little monster who demands satisfaction. She isn’t above putting others’ lives in danger in order to achieve her goals and the entire movie is centered on the fact that she enjoys torturing animals. Add the fact that she gets these psychotic little facial tics whenever stressed and it is very easy to see how close she is to snapping.


9: Madam Medusa (The Rescuers)


In the Disney 1977 animated film, The Rescuers, we are introduced to Madam Medusa. She is a woman whose greed is only matched by her sociopathic nature. A treasure hunter who has trained a pair crocodiles to take care of any outsiders, Madam Medusa cares more for shiny trinkets than human lives. This is proven by the fact that Medusa has kidnapped a young girl for the sole purpose of shoving her down a tiny hole to fetch the word’s largest diamond. It doesn’t matter to Medusa that the hole is subject to violent riptides or there is a very strong chance that the little girl will die. All Medusa cares about is getting that diamond. It is safe to assume that if Penny drowned while fetching the diamond, Medusa will just find another child to do her dirty work. A sociopath through and through, it is Medusa’s sheer lack of compassion that helps her make this list.


Number 8: Professor ScrewEyes (We're Back)


With a name like Professor ScrewEyes you would think that this is one villain who is loopier than he is frightening. That couldn’t be any further than the truth. Warned about by his brother Professor BrightEyes, ScrewEyes is a man who feeds off children’s nightmares and fears. Much like Pitch in the movie Rise of the Guardians, ScrewEyes takes an almost sadistic delight in terrorizing children and teenagers. So much so that he has built an entire traveling circus that acts as a year-round Halloween Haunt. If that doesn’t sound too villainous to you, than how about the fact that he also uses drugs and magic to enhance their fear. Oh, and he has his circus workers sign their contracts in Blood so that he has complete ownership over their souls? That’s right. This one-eyed loony collects not only the fears of children, but their souls as well.


Number 7: Azula (The Last Airbender)


For a television character to be included in a list of some of the most infamous movie villains of all time, one must assume that this character is a complete psychopath. And one would assume correctly. Azula is probably one of the most frightening villains in recent cartoon history. She is a cold, heartless, sadistic, beast of a girl who has proven time and time again that she is more than willing to sacrifice the lives of not only her soldiers, but her friends as well. In terms of combat she is considered to be one of the most talented firebenders alive. When she isn’t facing off in combat, she is expertly manipulating those around her. So powerful is her ability to manipulate others that she is able to conquer an entire kingdom with mere words – expertly outsmarting the leader of the Dai Li thus assuming control of Ba-Sing-Sa. It isn’t until the final episodes, however, that we get to see just how insane she truly is. The result is a sociopath, paranoid monster who is willing to crush any and all who get in her way.


Number 6: Professor Ratigan


You might ask yourself “How is it that Ratigan is ranked higher than Azula? Azula who has tried to murder her brother on countless occasions?” Well the answer is quite simple. Whereas Azula has made several attempts in killing people, Ratigan ha actually succeeded. Professor Ratigan holds himself up as a proud, high-class rodent. He is well spoken, calm and collective,, and takes a lot of pride in his personal appearance. But all of this is to hide his true nature; that of a sociopathic killer. He has on several occasions fed his cronies to his bloodthirsty cat (obvious by how they react upon seeing the bell he uses to summon her) and at one point in the movie, he hurls his crippled henchman into a river, drowning him. However none of these things compares to when he finally loses his composure during the climatic battle at the end of the movie. His clothes torn, his hair a mess, his eyes burning with an unbridled rage; Ratigan finally exposes his true nature as he battles against Basil of Bakerstreet.




For videos of each villain and for the rest of this list please visit my website Words Per Minute! I really apperciate all the support from this community and thank you for taking the time to visit my site. It really helps me out in the long run with it being spread out there.



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