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My diet is working...bit by bit



Since the talk with my doctor earlier this year concerning my very bad chrlosteral (weight wise, I am fine. I just need to worry bout my heart), I've been working on my diet. It's not easy making meals at home or finding tasty alternatives to my usual meals. I went from cutting things out completely to instead eating in a better moderation.


As a result, I lost 24 pounds (struggling to get past that 30 mark to get down to 190)...but the best thing that's come from this is the change in fast food. Whereas I used to eat 2 burgers with fries and a drink (this being a large combo with another burger on the side), I have knocked back down to a medium double burger combo...and after today's lunch, I think...I may just be eating single burgers from now on. ^_^


Bit by bit I am lowering my portions. Yay me

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