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To Understand Bronies You Have to Become a Brony.

Prince Umbra


I became a brony by watching the show out of curiosity due to the bronies I see walking around school. So I talk to my friend Cole later that day at his house. I ask him why people like My Little Pony. He said to me "I don't know." So I ask him if he wants to watch the first episode, and see what happens to us. He agreed -Little do I know he's already a "secretive brony". As soon as it started, and as it told the story of Celestia and Luna. It was so girly to me I was ashamed to even watch it. When it got to the theme song I was like *DX* "Skip it!!!" As we watched it we got to Pinky Pie (I swear if I heard her voice for more then 5 seconds it made me wanna shoot myself lmfao, but not anymore). After we got done watching it, I wanted to say "I wanna watch the next episode" And he said "I KNOW RIGHT!" So that's when he admitted to me that he was already a secretive brony. I rushed home, and watch the rest of season 1. I later made this account, and made a lot of new friends that are awesome and that I would take a bullet for. Then I realized that bronies aren't what people say they are ,they are really nice, kind, and loving people, and they will stick with you no matter what. You learn that they will be some of the best and coolest friends you will ever make in your entire life. If someone makes fun of you for being a brony remember that you have something they don't ... And that's a Heart.


To all my best friends I've made on here, especially my coolest friend Luna Forever aka Josh.

Sincerely yours - Luke Williams

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not 100% true, when I first discovered bronies, I just thought it was something different that people like, its no big deal. then after that a couple of years later I became one

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